Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Computer died again

My computer died again! After my hubby had it all fixed we reformatted it and it was working great yesterday.. Today it died again!! At first the mouse went dead, then my new external hard drive wouldn't light up and then it started to crash and now well now it's a goner I think. DH (DUH HUBBY) has been working on it and so far no so good. Let's see do I want to go to Best Buyto pick out another computer??? yeah right like did I win the Lottery?? besides that has everyone heard about the wonderful weather we are having in the mid west?? It's right out of a sci fi.. My Aspen tree is hanging so low from being frozen it looks like it's going to bust right through the propane tank.. and if that's not enough I sent my hubby out to look how much propane we have and he did a belly flop on the concrete in the carport. and if that's not enough.. well I guess that's enough. while this has been going on I created this card. Not sure if I even like it. LOL
anywho I'm going to enter it in the challenge at Friday Sketchers.. woohoo I never win!!

thanks for taking a peek!

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