Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Challenge Card, A Fairy Card and a Merger

Yup A challenge card I made the other night I wanted to show you guys, plus in the wee hours I did another one of my fairies plus a merger is going to happen.. Let's talk about the merger first I guess since I see you all scratching your heads saying what is she up to now?? Stitchy and I got to talking again this morning and we decided once again to merge the stores. I am going with my Designers over to the Stitchy Bear Stamps shop.. We were kicking around a new name and came up with Stitchy Bear Stamps and I did it creations Crafting Emporium.. Long and Fancy.. SBSIDICCE.. OMG is that a mouthful!!  The merger will not be over night.. The Designers will have to get all their inventory over there and settle in.. Our little shop will still be open for quite awhile.... The forum remains the same and we will be having more fun!! Don't forget our Beach Party coming up August 13th. 

okay now the challenge card.. I used my "Swallowed a Fly" image and the challenge was a sketch challenge over at Sweet Sketch Wednesday  Don't ya just love this image. Of coarse it's for sale over at the shop..

Now for my fairy card.. She isn't released yet but will be shortly.. She is a Forest Fairy..

I bet you would all love the Coupon Code for August

30% off anything over $4.00

use the code


Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, July 30, 2010

Challenge #15 at the challenge blog

I can't believe it's our 15th. challenge already! My does time fly by.. It was just Christmas and now we are going on August.. come on Fall.. It's cooler in my house finally.. The air conditioner guy put in the central air but it wasn't working right.. why you ask? cause the guy didn't put in enough freon!! duh! what do we have to hire an air conditioner guy after the air conditioner guy???? ROFL.. He came over yesterday and finally figured it out! That was after he made an adjustment and the air wouldn't come on anymore.. I almost kaplootzed!! He finally got it back on and then hit himself in the head and said duh it needs more Freon!! Well duh your the expert! So anywho the house has finally cooled down.. I still can't find my Mojo anywhere it left for Alaska I think! LOL

So anywho about the new challenge.. This week we are featuring Stamping Dragon Designs.. You are to make a card with any type of Fancy Fold. I made a Gate Fold or Tri fold card using two of Stamping Dragons Images.I also Paper Pieced the Blanket.. I didn't embellish it at all because it was so damn hot in my room when working that day I couldn't thunk anymore of what to do.. booo on me!! LOL

Head on over to the Challenge blog and see what our fabulous Design Team has created and get in on the challenge!!

Have fun Creating!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Created some new Papers

Last night in the wee hours I created some new papers.. yup they are in the shop already.. LOL

Here is a preview of them.. Called Polka Dot Fantasy..
ohhh before I forget we are having a Call for Creators of Digital Stamps and Digital Scrapbook Supplies..
If you are an illustrator or look like one.. LOL or create papers and kits for digital scrapping write to me at and come sell at the shop I Did It Creations!! We would love to have you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love love altering tags

I love to alter tags I think more than creating cards or as equal. LOL   I got into the challenge at Sweet Stamping Challenge Blog..

Thanks for taking a peek at my creation..

Fairy Queen Creation

I played with my new image the Fairy Queen in the wee hours last night.. Have you noticed how everyone has just about switched over to Copics.. Well I'm still learning how to blend with the Prisma Colors. LOL Copics are definetly on my Christmas wish list though. LOL  

Don't forget Ladies the Contest I'm holding scroll down about three blog posts and get into it!! Win three Digi's from Robyn's Fetish of your choice!! wooohooo!!

I'm in on a challenge at Sketch Saturday Challenge Blog

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two New Fairys

I created two new releases for my Fairy Collection.. They are now at the shop!! Remember the July coupon

JULYHEAT - get 20% off any purchase over $4.00

Have fun Creating!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday and the Challenge blog is at it again!!

Wow Friday already.. I'm going out cropping tonight.. wooohoo! There is a new challenge posted at the challenge blog.. We are using Lil Diva Stamps this week and the theme of the challenge is Buttons and Bows.. I created this card for the challenge

 I finally used my sewing machine for something other then dust collecting which I am very good at.Collecting dust that is! LOL

Head on over to our Challenge Blog and win you some digi's!!

Newsletter Contest

I am running an Impromptu contest today!! Win three Digital Stamps of your choice from Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps
All you have to do is put our Beach Party Badge on your sidebar of your  blog, become a follower of my blog and leave a comment with the link to your blog.. One person will be picked Randomly to win the prize!!
The Contest starts today July 23rd and will go until next Friday the 30th. of July!!
Woohooo!! win you some digi's

Good Luck

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scrapping with I Did it Creations Challenge

There is a new challenge at Scrapping with I Did it Creations.. It's to scrap a Fantasy.. Or just anything about Fantasy.. The design Team used a sheet from The Crafty Purple Frog for inspiration.. They are the Sponsors this week.. Check out their wonderful shop.. I loved working with their Image.. It was so beautiful.. I made the Tag I added to my Layout. It's a traditional Layout.. The Picture is of My Mom and my Niece.

The Paper I used is from Graphic 45. I love love her designs.. Don't you just love the image of the Cat and princess.. Head on over to the challenge blog and get into the challenge.Win a Prize!! You can do either a Traditional or Digital LO..

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's the glow you know...

I made a card using my Poppy Fairy and then I wanted to put a shadow around it. well I grabbed the wrong color and couldn't change it.. I was going to trash the card but when DH (Duh Hubby) saw it he love it and said  I made it look like it was glowing.. Yeah I did it on purpose I said.. NOT.. ROFL so anywho I'm entering it in the challenge over at Sketch Saturday Challenge blog..

Well everyone it's my first five minutes on the nicotine patch and I want a cigarette already.. Help!! LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More New Releases in the Shop

I've had a Busy Day while Susan Cracked her whip for some Christmas digi's.. They are in the shop now!!

Here are the Previews.. whew I'm tired!! LOL

And a Halloween Digi

Start shopping for your Holiday Digi's Today.. before you know it they will be here!!

Come on cold weather!! LOL

Another day another Challenge

Well another day another challenge.. This one is for the Sweet Stampin Challenge blog.. It's an inspiration challenge and when I looked at this paper I was inspired.. NOT but I wanted to do something other than sweat to the oldies today so I created this. My Mojo up and went to a cooler environment I thunk.. anywho  here is my card..The stamp is a Stitchy Stamp.

I am about two days away from air conditioning maybe!  If the guy can use the box we have for outside the house I get central air if not we will buy another window air thingy.. I can't wait maybe I will be able to thunk straight again without beads of sweat pouring down my face.. nah that's not happening but it sure is hot in this here house.. whining again!! LOL

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you think my bow is large enough! ROFL

I think me went a little bit overboard on the bow!! It's too Large but I like it! LOL  A big sloppy bow. I am giving this card to my MIL. I have a package for her and in it I have the yiddle bag we made the other day, the tag we made and this card..

I got into Jeanettes challenge at CDAC and Stef's Challenge at Glitterbabe. Stef is having a sketch challenge this week..  The image Katie Kitty is at the shop.. Don't forget the coupon code for July is 20% off of any purchase over $4.00 at the shop.. what a gonga!!

I love love this paper. I got it at Michaels it's called Chocolate something. I'd run into my crafts room and look but it's too darn hot in there.. I know I'm whining again and I will until we get some damn air conditioning in this whole house!!

It's Friday, have a great weekend!! wooohooo.. Going to go out tonight and get drunk, dance on the tables and kiss all the boys!! NOT I'm staying home getting into bed and being an old lady!! LMBO!!

Challenge at our Challenge Blog and guess who messed up again.. duh

Yup I messed up the challenge again at the Challenge Blog.. It's a great sketch Challenge but I didn't follow it too well.. I once again forgot the Sentiment and didn't follow the sketch at all. I swear my brain is fried without the air conditioners. Anywho here is the sketch and my poor poor card. ROFL  Head on over to the challenge blog I'm sure you will do better than me!! LOL
I think my Mojo took a left turn on the Freeway and missed the exit! ROFL I got one thing right I used a image from yours truly! me, me, me.. LOL

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coupon for July a little Late

Well I tee totally forgot the July Coupon... I got it now duh and duh again!!

20% off once you spend $4.00 in the shop


Have fun shopping. I wanna go Copics Shopping and this and that..
(what is a this and that?)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Painting with Chalks

So I watched this Utube Video on painting with chalk. Well I decided to try my hand at it.. This is what I came up with.. This is my new digi Air Fairy.. It is at the shop now for sale at 30% off.. wooohooo! Blending with chalk is different than prisma color pencils. I like how her gown came out but I think her wings are a bit flat. I went over them too much with the brush.. yes you wet the chalk with the tip of your brush and spread it like paint. Once I applied too much chalk I didn't stop naturally and it became flat looking.. duh and duh again.. I like her hair though.. LOL
I didn't have a skin tone so I improvised with a very light pink and a lot of water.. 

It was fun for all.. me , myself and I!! ROFL

Hot Town Summer in the City Back of my Neck getting wet and gritty

Remember that song? I'll humm it.. Hot Town Summer in the City back of my neck getting wet and gritty.. well I'm living that song ,it's so hot and humid in Indiana, well in my house anyways. We are one day closer to getting the air put in.. The one air in my crafts room which cooled the living room and entry way is out still .. I know I've been bitching and moaning for a week now.. I just can't take it much more!! I guess I'll have to so you all have to listen to me bitch and moan all week. I did get some work done yesterday .. I made myself create some new digi's. Do you love love my new Fairies. I'm a fairyaholic, I can't get enough of them. I even made one more but it's not zipped up yet nor put on the preview. boooo on me.. LOL

The other day we went over to my FIL's house and wouldn't ya know it it was his 82nd Birthday and my DH (Duh Hubby) forgot. I felt so bad. Jeanette has this great Freebie Challenge going on in the Forum and the image from Lauretta's Digital Stamps was perfect for a Card for my FIL.. Thank you Lauretta, what a great Digi!! If you would like to buy this digi it's over at our shop I Did It Creations. I added the salutation onto the Digi with the program Paint Shop Pro

Here is the card for DFIL (duh father in law)  Once again you can't see how I tried to blend my prismacolor pencils right so Susan won't beat me!! ROFL.. I had to use my scanner as it was raining outside. 

Oh I'm so jealous Jeanette put in a big order for Copics and they arrived at her house yesterday. I want, I want!! LOL

Hey you all do you like my new signature for my blog? I used it yesterday. I created it in Paint Shop Pro. I am having classes on Beginners Paint Shop Pro at our Forum if anyone wants to learn Paint Shop Pro just join our Forum .. The class is not that far along if you want to join us. I will be teaching today at 10:00 am EST

Here is my new cutie Signature

Have a wonderful Wednesday!! Hot town summer in the city.... hum, hum, hummmmmmm

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some New Releases from me, me, me

Well I finally got some more new releases in the shop.. It's hot as a firecracker in this house.. LOL  want to take a peek? well your gonna anyways! ROFL  

I have two more for my Fairy Series.. I love love them

Now one for Halloween and one for Christmas

And my last Feat is the feet!! LOL

They are all in the shop now and it's still 30% off so hurry and get yours today!! or yesterday or tomorrow!! LOL

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summertime and it's sooo hot in this house!!

It's summertime..and the living is not easy!! I hate hate summertime. After living 30 years in Arizona I escaped to Indiana.. wrong!! It's not cool in Indiana especially when the air isn't working right in the house.  I crawled into my crafts room this afternoon to create a card. Nothing was going on, da hubby is sleeping da doggies are sleeping and the cats and birds are knocked out too! Nobody wants to play.. No one is online either.. so what's a girl to do but craft.. okay so while I sweated I crafted.. LOL   here is what I came up with.. I bought this stamp at Michaels.. aint it a cutie..

I'm entering it at a challenge at Sunday Sketch and Stamp. Susan turned me on to all these cool challenge blogs.  Check them out!

Have a cool Sunday what's left of it!!

Fun at our Slumber Party

What fun we had last night at our first ever Slumber Party over at the I did it Forum.. Gals were coming in and out all night until 4 in the morning! We started off with a Speed Craft my take off from a Speed Scrap and had a ball. Wendy our resident Speed Demon won the prize!! From there we did a tutorial on how to make a gift bag and then we made tags and finally a pop up box! Tammy and I were the last to lie our heads down at 4..

Here are some of the projects I completed.. I didn't complete the first project as I called the Speed Craft so I used the digi I was coloring on the second project.. It is a gift bag.. I used my new digi Rose Fairy.

The second is a tag and I love how this came out.. I used a digi from Stitchy Stamps. I'm entering this into Stefs Challenge at Glitterbabes challenge blog. I hope I can enter a tag and not a card. It was a color challenge. pink, turquoise and orange you had to use.

and my third project we made a pop up box. It is not a digi but a stamp I found over at Michaels one day. I found out when making a pop up box be sure you image is up high enough so when you put your tag in the slit it shows up. duh and duh again!! LOL

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL we had a ball last night.. Laughing all the way!! Come join us in the forum we have many challenges going on ..Loads of fun and lots of tips and techniques to learn!! Also some fun Swaps... We'd love to see you there.