Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing last night in the wee hours

Last night we were suppose to have our Slumber Party, well thanks to good ole Duke energy we lost our power again during a storm and I  got there about 12:30.. Of coarse everyone was wondering where their fearless leader was.. I was soooo upset.. We are going to have the slumber party tonight and NO it is not suppose to rain today!! boooo on Duke Energy!!

After I finally cooled off from no air conditioning all night I was wired and not able to sleep so I crafted until about 3 in the morning..

Here is the card I made.. Of coarse I used my Prismas or Susan would have my head!! Am I getting any better at blending my colors... How do I know?? I can't see anyways!! ROFL  I think so DH (DUH HUBBY) did a ouuuu when I showed him this morning.. LOL

Oh did I tell everyone I have to quite smoking.. Yes it's finally come down to health reasons other than I'm killing myself slowly.. I took a Cat Scan a couple of weeks ago and it's turned up I have two spots on my lungs. Yup those great lungs that know how to scream and yell and say wooo hooo really loud are sickly.. I'm going to go on the patch on the 21st.  How am I going to do.. Probably lousy.. I'm addicted bad to nicotine both psychologically and physically. I have been smoking more since I found out.  My hubby is going to try to help as is Jeanette. We are going to stop together like maybe. or at least Jeanette and I will support each other in this plight. What I really want to do is go to rehab.. but I'm not a junkie, sex addict or alcholic so they won't take me. It's an addiction right?? I thought so so why is there no rehab.. They have rehab for everything nowadays. Ohhh i could go on an on forver about this.. I'm mad as hell and don't give a damn!! remember that movie.. what was the title.. so anywho if I'm cursing and cranky after the 21st. you all will know why...
Oh Here is that card. Isn't she a sweety. I love love these image.

If you would like to attend our slumber party tonight go on over to forum and register.. We'd love to have you there.. 

Hugs all


  1. Yippee! Better double that "Yippeeeee! YES! You ARE getting much better with your coloring! You will get there soon.

    Hmmmmm. Jeanette smokes, too? I have to give her the same "talk" I gave to YOU! You two HAVE to stop NOW! You have a choice. Do I get out my whips or do I get out my cheerleaders outfit? Decide which one you prefer but you are going to stop smoking. And SOON!

  2. Wow, Robyn, those circles sure paid off. Your coloring is beautiful. Susan sounds just like my mother. That's funny because I'm older than she is.


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