Friday, February 14, 2014

am I or am'nt I

Is that a real word? amn't???? no I think it's a Robyn word but anyole who I just came to the conclusion that maybe just maybe besides being an addict buying art supplies I'm addicted to online classes!  I'm going to be taking another one with Kelly Berkey on Painting Portraits in Oils.. I just started to use oils about 6 months ago and I adore them.

well my point is that I just finished a class and made a pact with a friend name Jackie that we wouldn't buy anymore classes.. I'm the first to break the pact.. I just had to... Kelly's style is so beautiful and right in line with mine in a way... Here is the link to her blog..

so anywho after talking to her about the supplies for her class I decided not to wait awhile but to take it now.. and yup I did order the few supplies I needed.. am I guilty of being a classaholic? I think so but it could be worse ya know. I could be hanging on the street corners drinking and acting the fool.. Oh no more huh now that I'm in the wheelchair.. so what's a gal to do but take classes when she is obsessed with art.. When I was a professional dancer before my accident I had my dance and music and now I have art.  Yeah that's the ticket, now I don't feel so bad that I have to tell my hubby I spent more money!! GULP!!

anyways ya want to see my bird series in oils? Here they are.

and here is another gal for the 29 faces challenge

I do need a lot of help doing hair lately.. I think I'm between two styles and I don't really like it.

anyole ways again

Happy Valentines Day to all



Sunday, February 9, 2014

it's a Save!

omg I thought this was going to be a garbage dweller when I was at first painting her hair.. I tried at first to use brown watercolor crayons.. They looked sooooo washed out that I went to the black watercolor crayons and the same thing happened. She looked awful.. I didn't really want to break out the acrylics but I didn't really want to can her either.. I liked her, I didn't like her, I liked her... and over and over ye ole head went.. finally I grabbed some Mars Black Acrylic and threw it on.. not so good... I got out some gray paint and started to streak her hair. still not so good.. finally I did the wet on wet technique and got what you see here.. Not so great but it's a Save!! LOL  she didn't fall into the garbage can with all the cigarette butts for friends. ROFL!!

so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

another Portrait finished for the 29 Faces blog.. wonder if I can keep this up..

Think I'll just do some Oil Painting for the rest of the evening.



Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Wild cna Crazy Gal

Doesn't she look wild and Crazy!! LOL  I title this piece "Crazy for loving  you".. I love how her hair came out.. Might be a little too much on the orange side but heck the young gals these days have hair any color and I love it!!

I'm loving using the Pan Pastels with Gesso.. Never would have thought of doing that if it 
weren't for this class I took with Karen Milstein called

Simply Painting Faces

check it out on Facebook. I'm sorry I don't have the website...

She creates these beautiful pieces of very young girls... 

Well it's suppose to snow again here in Indianapolis.. I usually love winter but I think I have had

toodaloo for now


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LiL Sis

Lil Sis is the title of my new Gal.. It justs reminds me of my lil sister... She's not so little anymore. LOL  My hubby bought us a wonderful gift this Christmas.. It's a Heart broke in half.. One Half says "Big Sis" and the other " Lil Sis" .. I have one half and so does she. I thought that was so nice of him to think of us like that.. I guess he's a keeper... well sometimes! LOL

Mediums used are watercolor crayons, gesso instead of water sometimes, pan pastels, regular pastels

I'm still in 29 faces.. so far so good. LOL



Monday, February 3, 2014

What to do??

Now that I know this new technique for faces I don't know what to do.. I love working with my watercolor crayons and using water but the new technique calls for gesso. I want to do both.. so I will!! I answered that! LOL

Here is my gal for 29 faces with the old technique.. Not so romantic looking but pretty none the less.

 I didn't realize I didn't edit this picture.. tooo funny.. You can see my shelf of supplies.. all my messy mediums.. a lot of Golden products and liquitex too. That is the back of my Studio. My Studio is always a mess. I clean it up a little bit on Wednesday's when Cindi comes over to paint. but basically it's a total wreck! I don't feel to bad so is hers.. shhhhh don't tell her I said that! ROFL!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

29 Faces and OMG Where have I been

It's been soooooo long since I blogged. Where have I been?? wow... I have been doing a lot of art.. Getting my nerves up for this show I'm in in Indianapolis come spring.. and just doing life..

I have learned so much the past few month.. One thing I learned is I suck at watercolors, I love working with oil paint and I still love love creating "My Gals"..  LOL

My hubby is doing really well and our marriage is on the right track again.. He is straight and sober and one year old into his sobriety from drugs. I'm still in a wheelchair when we go out.. That condition is getting worse but my artwork helps me break through the pain..

I still listen to good ole rock and roll and classical music and I still need to go on a diet and quit smoking.. as she puffs hard on a cigarette.. well I won't get on my soapbox on how they need rehab for smokers.. no I just won't..

well anywho it's time for 29 faces again and I hope to keep up with it.. I'm ahead of the game. I have two done.. well I took this fabulous class from Karen Milstein called Painting Faces.. check it out .. I found out about it on Facebook. Don't really know a link but her art is out of this world beautiful.. I also have taken other classes since I last blogged.. some good some not so good.. I'm addicted to art, addicted to art classes and addicted to supplies... boy am I powerless or what! LOL

okay here are the two portraits I created from Karen's class.

she uses a lot of Gesso when she works... Combining it with pastels , paints and watercolor crayons... and that's all I'll say because if you take her class you will learn a heck of a lot..

Gesso, well that's another subject.. eh Cindi????? ROFL!! 
(private joke)

These are not my usual style .. I love this style though and will be doing a lot more of them for awhile. 

My Etsy Shop is opened again. Yeah I paid the bill.. LOL

Since I'm blogging I might as well join the party over at

If you are interested in any painting and can't get to my shop give me a shout at

I do ship overseas

Thanks for coming by. I know it's been like forever.. I promise I will post more often.. I have to I'm in 29 faces.. LOL


Friday, November 15, 2013

Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I have blogged. I'm just so damn lazy lately when it comes to the computer.. well no when it comes to everything!! LOL I have been working on a lot of varied mediums.. I have found my Panpastels. I always had them but never hardly used them. A friends of mine had been using them so I dragged mine out and then even ordered from Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium the "Portrait" set.. well I haven't stopped using them since. I need a lot of practice but I love love love them!! You can do about everything you do with paint with them.. Here is the last piece I did with them on her face. This was done for Effy Wild's Moonshine Mother workshop. I'm going to be sad when this is over. Almost there.
and then I did this Still Life. I had a ball with this. Loving the little bit of Landscape painting that is in it..

My Brother in Law from Florida fell in love with this piece so I sent it off to him and my sister..

So anywho that's just two of my pieces I have worked on since last blogged.

I'm heading over to Paint Party Friday to see all the wonderful

I really got to get back to blogging.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone