Monday, December 26, 2011

Big Eyes

Everyone use to say when I was younger that I had the biggest eyes. I wore lots of eye makeup to bring them out.. I knew they were my best asset.. well besides my big boobs. LOL  Now I don't bother with the eye makeup any more. I don't know why I stopped. Maybe it's all the wrinkles and eye make up looks quite funny over the wrinkles. ROFL!! well anywho I am into painting these big eyed gals. Here is one I just finished.

What a green eyed cutie!! LOL

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Angel

I've been busy with Christmas and the shop but I had to do another painting for Christmas. I came up with this Christmas Angel after taking a Workshop from Suzi Blu.. She is such a wonderful mixed media Artist. I love her work.. Her classes are very good. Her style is different from Tamara who is my Mentor and my first Mixed Media Teacher. I like learning different styles and then applying it to my own style. I worked and worked on this and finally accomplished hands!! They look a little warped but hey it's my first time doing hands like that.. wooohoo !! at least they do look like hands and not claws this time. LOL

I used Molding Paste for her Wings. 
Over the Molding Paste I added  Gold Mica Flakes..

In real life it looks so cool but you can't really tell with 

my Lousy Camera. 

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday..

I Hope Santa is good to you!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art Journaling into the New Year

I just started a New Journal.. Well I have about 5 going. All different sizes, textures of papers and brands.. LOL I got from one to the other doing my Art Journaling. This new book is going to be mostly pictures of me, my hubby and our Fur Babies. So I decided to start it off with a Christmas Spread and go into the New Year. The faces are very blurry on this . I think it was because on my Lousy Camera the flash went off and blurred them.. boooo on my camera once again!! LOL

I used Acrylics on this spread. On the Stencils work I used Pan Pastels. I need to get me more of these. I love love them!!

Does anyone know why in Blogger I can't see where I do my links or my pictures are coming out in Code.. where is my toolbar.. what's happened??? anyone know how I can get this back.. My blogger has gone wacky!! LOL

Hey !! thanks for looking. I can't even center my page.. someone paleese help!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

In another Class

I'm currently taking Suzi Blu's class on Portraits and I love it!! She works with Prisma Color Pencils.. I keep wanting to use my water color crayons because that is what I'm used to . but I'm making myself stay away from them and use the prisma color pencils and acrylics. Acrylics and me don't get along too well so this is quite a challenge. With the water color crayons their forgiving and you can change something if you work quickly. The other mediums what you do is what you get. LOL Especially when you put a layer of Clear Gesso down. It's clear but not smooth. more like sand paper. Suzi uses the clear gesso for texture. I used a tiny bit on this but will learn to use more I'm sure.

I'm on the third part of the lessons but need to go back as she has other homework I didn't do.. My dog ate it!! LMAO!! j/k!

This class is really good and quite a compliment to Tam's Workshops I took. I'm so glad I took those as I know a little bit about portraits already.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Day #1 Tim Tag Finished

I got another Tim Tag done this evening. It's Day #1.. I used like 5 dies to create this.. The Tattered Pine cone was a blast to use.

As you can see it's already in our Tree

I also complete a Portrait. These are Dollies and I'm taking a Workshop learning how

to create these. I used my Watercolor Crayons but Ady is teaching me how to use

Acrylics, Prisma Color Pencils and Copics. I'm waiting for some Supplies to come in before I start

If your interested in taking this Fabulous Workshop

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Tim Tag

I created another one of Tim Holtz's Tag for his 12 Days of Christmas. This one took like forever to do.. It has a million and one parts to it. I used my Vagabond and my Cricut for the Die Cuts.

My Hubby and I just finished Decorating our Tree and this Tag and the others

are now sitting proudly in it..

I want to start on his Day 10 tag but need to wait for the wee hours when the house is nice
and quiet.. LOL

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More 12 days of Christmas

I'm still at it at a snails pace creating the Tags that Tim Holtz is giving tutorials on. This is day two I believe.. This tag was sooo much fun to make. I did the deer backwards but shhhh don't tell. LOL

The burlap on the top went to an old bag of rice I had saved. It broke my heart to tear this up but hey do anything for the sake of art!! Right? ROFL!!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Tim Holtz is once again doing his 12 days of Christmas on his blog. I have done day 4 and 5.. I'm waiting for some dies I ordered to do the other days.

This is day 5 where we worked with his reflections stamp and alcohol inks

I used his Tree Die and the snow writer with some Diamond Dust for glitter on the tree

I also went around the edges with red stickles.

It needs something more don't you think?

Here is day 4

I used my Cricut to make the snowman . The Cartridge I used is called
Christmas Cheer.

There is glitter embossing powder on his scarf.

These are going on my Tree this year.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finished a Whimsy Gal

I finished this the other day but as I was saying in another Blog Post I've been sick. I haven't had the want or energy to even take pictures. This whole week I finished two pieces which is not like me at all.. I finally pushed myself to take and then edit the picture of my Latest Whimsy Gal. I did this on Hot Press Poster Board I found at Hobby Lobby. I love love hot press paper so much more then cold press watercolor paper but it's pricey for sure!! On my Christmas Wish List I have a block of it . You don't even want to know the price of this paper!! I sure hope Santa reads my letter to him this year. LOL

I used this fabulous Texture Paste with Gold Mica Flakes in it. How cool is this stuff!!

I also used Liquid Pearls to make the heart shaped buttons on her vest.. I love how it looks on this. I ordered more colors of it.. I never did use it much but plan to use Liquid Pearls a lot more now.

I sure hope I start to feel better soon. Tim Holtz started his 12 days of Christmas Tags which I'm going to need to play catch up on and I need to do some swaps I'm involved in and finish up my Christmas Cards and get them out in the mail.

This year sure has gone fast. Last month flew by!! It's the holiday season already and I'm not even prepared for all the creations I have wanted to do.. woooh is me. LOL

Hey you all!! Thanks for looking and your wonderful comments are what keep me going.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Grungy Monday on Friday

It's Grungy Monday on Friday. Well not really. I created this piece two days ago but have been feeling so sick I just now uploaded it. Over at Studio L3 we are suppose to work on anther Tim Technique.. Check it out here

I used a lot of Texture Paste on this piece and Fierro which shimmers and shines. I love it!!

I'm so sick I'm just going to post this and get to bed.. Lousy blog post I know. LOL

Thanks for looking..