Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back in the groove

I think I'm back in the groove since my Surgery.. I'm feeling much better. Just a little uncomfortable in the tummy when I have my tight Jeans on. LOL

I finished this She Art Gal this morning and my Cat's Eye's Whimsy Portrait yesterday.. and another Portrait called "Adversity" this week.. It felt good to get all messy again and have paint under da finger nails. LOL

I used Iridescent Water Color Paint on the gals eyes. I just bought this paint for like $6.00 . They come in pan's and you get 21 little pans. what a Gonga I think!! 

This gal came about because I'm going through a lot once again.

Our Lawsuit against this woman who stole our money and made us move from this house we had 
just moved into isn't going so well. It's a red neck town where the Court is. Everyone knows everyone else and palms are greased. If you know what I mean. Well our Attorney is no longer our attorney and no one wants to take the case. This means if we don't find another attorney the gal can get away with murder. Murder I say because she killed my beloved cat Missy.. ohhh just thinking about this all drives me crazy and traumatizes me all over again..

anywho when I was creating the below portrait I was trying to give myself some courage. It worked for a little bit. LOL

Thanks for stopping by today..

Robyninski the 973rd.. LOL

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feeling Better and doing some work now

I'm feeling so much better and getting some work done finally. Thank you all for your well wishes..

I'm trying to get back to my Tag Making, Scrapbooking and Card Making. I have been so consumed with drawing , painting and Art Journaling I had left the other for a bit.

so anywho I decided to get into the Grungy Monday Challenge over at Linda's Studio L3.. You were suppose to use Tim's Crackle Paint and do his Resist Technique. You will find it here.

I came up with this Tag for Valentines day.. Not overly done like I usually do but I'm out of practice.

After creating this tag I went over it with a layer of Glitter Paint.. boy is it glittery!! LOL

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still Recuperating

I'm still recuperating from the Gall Bladder Surgery. I tell ya this has been no picnic in the park. I'm starting to feel a little better but my Mojo has upped a left and went to Tahiti I think!! LOL   I sit in my Studio , look at all my supplies and say to myself " Now What"! I did try to do one of my Whimsy Portraits and spilled paint and ink all over it. That one went into the garbage for sure! Even Gesso couldn't save it. So what's a gal to do.. I say Art Journaling is the answer. I grabbed my  Journal and gave it a go. Got all done and then stamped my sentiment and woops It was all crooked!! Great ending to a fun Journal Spread.. NOT!!

This Spread needs more. I just am so uninspired right now.. I will come back to it when I'm feeling better I guess.. Most of the pain from the Surgery is gone. I am very uncomfortable in my Tummy. My appetite is practically nill and I'm still sleeping a lot. Thanks everyone for their warm wishes.. I received a few Get Well Cards and that lifted my spirits.. I wonder if it's unusual to get the blues like I have after a Major Surgery.. You gals let me know huh.. I have the blues bad.... Trying to snap out of it..

I do have a Whimsical Drawing in the works but I'm taking it slow. In fact everything I'm doing lately is so slow. I have that A type personality and this being down is not to my liking at all!! Okay I'll stop whining now..

Hey !! Thanks for stopping by..

Robyninski the 946th!! LOL

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Style and my Surgery

I'm recuperating from Gal Bladder Surgery and have created notta the past week.. I did have my hubby bring down from my Studio some supplies to see if I could even draw right now. I can't.. most any movement hurts me. They were suppose to just make three tiny incisions but if something is going to go wrong it will go wrong with me. The Doctor had to cut open my whole stomach just about to take the Gall Bladder.. He said there was too much scar tissue from a previous surgeries.. That would be when I had a Pain Pump inside me. What a fiasco that was when it got infected!! another story for another day. LOL

anywho here I am in bed with two huge incisions and my whole stomach is black and blue.. I can't move for the pain!! They were suppose to keep me in the hospital but I put up a big fit and asked to go home. They finally agreed. When I found I was running a temperature I cringed. so afraid I might have to go back to the hospital and stay.. The Surgeon said it was normal to run a temperature right now but if it goes over 100 degrees to call him.. It stays between 99 and 100 and all the digits in between. I have been taking aspirins to break the fever but so far not so good..

so anywho again here are a couple of projects I had finished just before I went this Tuesday for the Surgery.

I don't particularly like the background on this.. too dark.. 

This Journal Cover with the blank face gal is my new Style ..

My Hubby doesn't like them.. I get the " its nice" routine when I showed him..

usually it's a bit more then just "It's nice" and he walks away. ROFL!!

Here is another gal I created

I like my Whimsy Gals better also but these no face gals are so fun to make.

It's like cutting out Paper Dolls..

I remember doing that as a child with my Mom. oh what a time I had with paste she had made from scratch

from flour and water. I usually got it all over me.. I haven't changed much now at 60 I get all mediums all over me.. LOL

I altered this domino for a swap  at a Yahoo group I'm in

I used Alchohol Inks and Stamped with Versa Mark ink then wet embossed it.

cool huh?

and that is what I had been up to before last Tuesday when I had Surgery..

Now all I need is for this pain to subside and a bit of energy..

oh yeah and where oh where did my MOJO Go?

Has anyone seen it??

I did not leave it at the hospital, nor at Wally World where we went on Monday..

so where can it be?? LMAO!!

please return my MOJO to

Robyn Ann @ Robyn's house in the United States.. 


Hey!! Thanks for looking..

Robyninski the 925th.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Journal entry

I was playing in my New Journal and came up with this.. one of my resultions is to write more in my Journals using my own handwriting which I hate. LOL so I stamped and wrote.. maybe I will write a whole paragraph some day.. ROFL!!.. 

To paint the gal I used Watercolor crayons and a tiny bit of acrylics.

Hey!! Thanks for Looking..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone.. May all your Wishes come true in the New Year. Much Health and Prosperity in the New Year!

Last night I had a friend over and we played until the wee hours of the morning. well I only got one ATC Card done as most of the night we were talking, drinking and eating. LOL

Here is the ATC Card I created for a Yahoo Group Swap I'm in..  I thought this captured the Theme of Winter really well.

There are loads of Stickles in the Background, some stamping and the cute Die called

"Townscape" by Tim Holtz..

Hey!!! Thanks for Looking!