Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Style and my Surgery

I'm recuperating from Gal Bladder Surgery and have created notta the past week.. I did have my hubby bring down from my Studio some supplies to see if I could even draw right now. I can't.. most any movement hurts me. They were suppose to just make three tiny incisions but if something is going to go wrong it will go wrong with me. The Doctor had to cut open my whole stomach just about to take the Gall Bladder.. He said there was too much scar tissue from a previous surgeries.. That would be when I had a Pain Pump inside me. What a fiasco that was when it got infected!! another story for another day. LOL

anywho here I am in bed with two huge incisions and my whole stomach is black and blue.. I can't move for the pain!! They were suppose to keep me in the hospital but I put up a big fit and asked to go home. They finally agreed. When I found I was running a temperature I cringed. so afraid I might have to go back to the hospital and stay.. The Surgeon said it was normal to run a temperature right now but if it goes over 100 degrees to call him.. It stays between 99 and 100 and all the digits in between. I have been taking aspirins to break the fever but so far not so good..

so anywho again here are a couple of projects I had finished just before I went this Tuesday for the Surgery.

I don't particularly like the background on this.. too dark.. 

This Journal Cover with the blank face gal is my new Style ..

My Hubby doesn't like them.. I get the " its nice" routine when I showed him..

usually it's a bit more then just "It's nice" and he walks away. ROFL!!

Here is another gal I created

I like my Whimsy Gals better also but these no face gals are so fun to make.

It's like cutting out Paper Dolls..

I remember doing that as a child with my Mom. oh what a time I had with paste she had made from scratch

from flour and water. I usually got it all over me.. I haven't changed much now at 60 I get all mediums all over me.. LOL

I altered this domino for a swap  at a Yahoo group I'm in

I used Alchohol Inks and Stamped with Versa Mark ink then wet embossed it.

cool huh?

and that is what I had been up to before last Tuesday when I had Surgery..

Now all I need is for this pain to subside and a bit of energy..

oh yeah and where oh where did my MOJO Go?

Has anyone seen it??

I did not leave it at the hospital, nor at Wally World where we went on Monday..

so where can it be?? LMAO!!

please return my MOJO to

Robyn Ann @ Robyn's house in the United States.. 


Hey!! Thanks for looking..

Robyninski the 925th.


  1. Beautiful projects, amazing colors and details in her face.

    Feel better!

    Lori m

  2. Oh, I do hope your pain goes away quickly! I love what you have been doing ... very fun stuff in deed!

  3. Hey Robyn. Hope you are doing better, but I like the girl with the pink hair and the expression on her face -- since she is so detailed, you wouldn't want to draw too much attention to the background, but if you are not pleased, then it'll drive you crazy, you could always scrap some white gesso over the background thin white with a baby wipe if you wanted to mute the darkness. And I am also a fan of the faceless girl and she fits right in because the background is spectacular; you tend to draw girls with pink hair; this could be a trademark worth exploring further if you haven't already, but maybe without knowing it you have; I'm drawn to pink and turquoise, all pastels, just me. Hope your up and painting -- Blessings Terri

  4. So sorry to hear about your gallbladder surgery. I had that done years ago and it was no picnic! I do like your journal pages and that lovely domino. I'm sure your mojo will be back quite soon. Feel better!

  5. very pretty pages. Thanks for sharing at Just Journals! My husband had gall bladder surgery a few years ago too, not fun!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling 100 percent, but glad to hear that you are still being creative!! Very creative.
    I love the blue sketchbook cover with the 'faceless' girl. Lovely.

  7. Love your fabulous creations.
    Get well soon.


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