Monday, February 27, 2012

I love Fairys..

I love Fairys so much I have bought two books on how to draw them. The first book that came is a bit over my head but I did take some tips off of it on the eyes I did on this gal. Once again I'm trying to work with Acrylic Paint more..

I haven't received the second book yet but I hope when I do it gives more instructions and makes less assumptions that I know what I'm doing ... ROFL!! 

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Learning every day

I am trying to learn how to work with Acrylics more. I so love my watercolor crayons but on Canvas it is really hard as the paint wants to come right off the canvas. I started out with the crayons and ended up doing mostly acrylics on this piece. I want to learn how to blend my colors better.. I know black is very hard to work with and I think after doing the red dress that is also.. Leave it to me to pick the two hardest colors. LOL  

anyone know of a dynamite workshop that deals with acrylics and blending like hair and faces let me know. I'm a workshop aholic.. I love taking them and learning..

anywho here is my newest piece.

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Robyninski the 937th.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mermaids and Fairies

This week I really got into painting. I haven't been feeling well so I've been working in the wee hours when my cramping wasn't too bad..

I created this Mermaid using of coarse Acrylics and my well loved Neo Color Crayons..

I'm not so happy with this piece .. Might work on it some more. By the time 4 in the morning rolled around the pain had gotten severe so I hurried it up and should have just put it down for another day.

See the Mica Flakes in her tail. How cool is that? 

The next piece I'm so happy with. Not because it's so correct but because I did my first
Unicorn. Actually my first horse.. The body is way too big but just to get it looking like 

a horse/unicorn amused me. LOL

I had a problem getting the eyes so they matched. I did it over and over again but finally
just said enough already and left it. LOL

By the time it came to do the background I wasn't feeling well again and once again I should have put it down but kept going .. I'm not in love with the background at all. 

Well they say it's the experience of painting and I do so love to paint so all in all I 

had a ball doing these pieces..

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Artist Study

I finally finished a Painting I started almost four days ago. I have been working on it in the wee hours of the night every night...The painting is a study of the Artist Alphonse Mucha.. I love his work with Circles and flowers and filigree.. The Background kind of got lost when I put the gal on the Substrate. I was kind of upset that I painted the piece too big. I had to chop off some of the dress on both the angel and the little girl. Oh well I adapted.. LOL

This piece is done with Watercolor Crayons  and Acrylics with a lot of stamping thrown in. LOL  I should have taken a picture of the background but hey who thunked it.

I want to add on the Angels Wings some Silver Leafing but that has to wait for a trip to 
Michaels or Hobby Lobby.. I sure hope one of them has it. 

I also might do some brayering on top so the flowers  aren't so prominent ..

what do you think? or is it fine just the way it is.

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

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Robyninski the 927th. (LOL)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My New Piece

Wow did this Piece I created take me a long time to do.. I started I think on Friday Morning and just got it done in the wee hours last night.. A few times I was going to can it right into the garbage can.. Especially when the hair came out with streaks of white that stuck out like a sore thumb!! but then I got the idea of putting a wash of red over her hair and I think I saved it..

This gal is so ugly she's pretty.. LOL  The inspiration for this piece is from the artist Gustov Klimt.

I used Modeling Paste on the background and put a layer of Gold Acrylics over it. I sure do love Modeling Paste for Texture.. Love love it!! LOL

Cutting out all the little pieces of paper was kind of tedious but I got into it.. You should have seen my hands when I was done with all the gluing.. OMG I was covered in it!! and how fun to pull the stuff off my hands when it dried. another LOL.. This lousy picture done with my lousy camera doesn't show the glimmering gold  nor all the doodling I did on her dress. I have a scanner I might hook up but this piece was done on Hot Press Poster board and it's quite large. Wouldn't fit into a scanner.

I anyone is following my blog and wants to know about the Lawyer situation it's still terrible. We don't have one and the time is ticking down. We spend like 2 hours the other day at Legal Aid just for them to tell us they can't help us. Why because they said my hubby was there before in 2000.. He has never stepped foot into the office. But his last name of Samples is very common.. He even has a cousin name of John Samples the same age. I don't even know why if you have been there before they can't help you on another case.. It's crazy!! as we sat and waited the caliber of people looking for help was quite different. We had one kid sitting across from us telling stories and every other word out of his mouth was the F word. I swear it was so low class I felt dirty when I finally left there. 

anywho we are going Friday to see another attorney.. If he won't help us I don't know what we are going to do. We can't go by ourselves or we will lose for sure. It's in a little town where everyone knows everyone and we are not in the "In Crowd" The gal we are suing is. 

I have been so stressed over this I can hardly think straight let alone create art. Please pray for us that we get an attorney and this woman doesn't get away with Murder. Literally!! She killed my beloved Cat Missy. I had Missy for 13 years. She was like a child to me. 

Well now that I have gone on and on..

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Robyninski the 926th.. LOL