Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mermaids and Fairies

This week I really got into painting. I haven't been feeling well so I've been working in the wee hours when my cramping wasn't too bad..

I created this Mermaid using of coarse Acrylics and my well loved Neo Color Crayons..

I'm not so happy with this piece .. Might work on it some more. By the time 4 in the morning rolled around the pain had gotten severe so I hurried it up and should have just put it down for another day.

See the Mica Flakes in her tail. How cool is that? 

The next piece I'm so happy with. Not because it's so correct but because I did my first
Unicorn. Actually my first horse.. The body is way too big but just to get it looking like 

a horse/unicorn amused me. LOL

I had a problem getting the eyes so they matched. I did it over and over again but finally
just said enough already and left it. LOL

By the time it came to do the background I wasn't feeling well again and once again I should have put it down but kept going .. I'm not in love with the background at all. 

Well they say it's the experience of painting and I do so love to paint so all in all I 

had a ball doing these pieces..

Hey!! thanks for stopping by me blog.


  1. Charming paintings! I especially love the unicorn - her eyes look great to me.

  2. Both paintings are wonderful. There is so much expression in the faces. The color is warm and inviting. I like both of these very much.

  3. Both works are great to me. I of course am partial to that sweet unicorn though!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  4. They both speak magic to me and the unicorn's eyes are quite beautiful ; they turned out very lovely.


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