Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Projects

I finished up the two projects I had been working on this weekend.. The first a Collage.. I don't think the background goes very good with it but I loved it so much I just put it together. duh and duh again!!

I used Rock Candy Crackle paint on the sign

and Glossy Accents on the other little sign.

Giving it a nice finish.

The Victorian Lady I found Googling.

The next one is another one of my Gals.  She was looking so thoughtful I had to use this quote I found. 

"Life is what our Thoughts Make it"

Her little bow is quite cute don't cha think? LOL

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Just Art Journaling

I lost my Muse. Can't find my Mojo so I've done a little Art Journaling today.  I grabbed my Neo Color Crayons and created a simple background using all different shades of blue.Did some Brayering. Some stamping with ink and acrylics and then I decided to add this little cute girly. A bit different for me huh? I have so much fun creating my AJ Spread that I heard that my Mojo might come back to me! It sort of took a vacation. LMAO!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Layers and More Layers

I love doing Layers and Layers of paint, ink and stamping. There is something about each layer that pleases me and then I start on another and I get tickled all over again! LOL  I know I'm weird.. LMAO

On this Journal Spread I made my own stamps using Cut N Dry foam. You can use Fun Foam you buy at the dollar store to do this too.. First you heat the backside of the foam and then make an impression with whatever you want to use. In my case I put a bunch of caps off of some small empty plastic paint cups together and pushed into the foam. I also used some dried out clay embellishments I had lying on my desk I had never used. You can use paper clips, even bubble wrap will do.. and if you want to undo what you have impressed you just heat it up again. Voila!!

Here is a picture before I started layering

I just went to town with Layer after Layer. I used Modeling paste on the Heart, mixing together all the paint I had on my palette. LOL It made like a brownish pink..

I also took some corrugated cardboard and added some gesso on the grooves and stamped with that.

It's sooo much fun to use stuff! Stuff you just have in the house lying around..

and this is the final Spread..

The last layer I did was to take some ink spray it on the top, spray some water and let it drip down

It dripped into the heart and my saying as if I had planned it that way!!

Oh wait maybe I did! yeah right LOL

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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Comfort Zone

I wanted to enter one of the Challenges over at Mystele's Little Glimpses Studio. Which by the way is now called Community Thrive.  Anywho I was really down on inspiration when I went over to her Ning Network. I found one of the challenges was to watch a video they provided and gather inspiration from that. Then create a piece on how it inspired you.. That was just what I needed to jump start me. As I watched this video I realized I hardly take chances in my Artwork. I don't go out of the box enough. Always afraid I'm going to ruin the piece...I stay in my Comfort Zone... So what huh? It's only a piece of paper they say! but all the time I put into it I say back. so what's time? Time is over rated anywho!! LOL

well to make a long story longer I went at this piece with screwing it up in mind. I made myself not care if I did. I prepared myself to work hard and then in the end rip it out of my journal and throw it out. It was okay with me.... That is how I tackled this challenge.. Well I didn't ruin it. I think this is one of my best pieces and I learned so much about taking a chance and going out of my comfort zone!! wow aren't I profound!! LMAO  am I going to be able to do it again?? I don't know but I sure had a ball just letting go!! Try it yourself. Create something and make it mean nothing  but some exercise.. go at it like it doesn't matter.. Go out of your comfort zone and try something that you have had in my mind but were afraid to try because you didn't want to screw up.. Knowing you were going to screw up no matter what.. Guess what! I bet you don't! LOL

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Robyninski the 912th. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to Basics once again

The other night I was kind of discouraged with my artwork. Don't ask why.. I think I had let that "Ugly Monster" Tam of Willowing talks about out.. It was telling me how much I stink as an Artist. How others are sooo much better and that I will never sell my work. Which is a dream of mine.  I got very discouraged and disheartened.. I decided to go back to whence (love that word) it all began and do some scrapbooking. I grabbed a beautiful picture I had of my Neice in Law.. and went to work..

This is what I came up with.. Totally satisfied I went to bed thinking better thoughts.. Maybe at times when we are down on ourselves it's a good thing to do a reality check and go back to some avenue we know and still love. It's something like going Home when we were kids in kindergarten and everything was soooo scarey! LOL

I used Paper from the "Ladies Diary" 12x12 Paper Pack

We can get it for you at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium
at a Fabulous Price.. Click Here to check it out.

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Robyninski the 947th.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A CC Gal

I created another Cotton Candy Gal last night.. She was soooo much fun to do. First I took a book cover and slopped a lot of Gesso on it and then went to town doing the background. I drew her on a piece of paper and worked on her while my background was drying. I was wondering if anyone knows what to seal this painting with. Do you gals use Varnish on your pieces or maybe matt medium? If anyone knows can you give me a shout..

Natasha May is the originator of the Cotton Candy Gals

I had taken her Workshop a few months back and it was extremely good.

I learned a lot about shading and blending. which of coarse you can't see here because of my Lousy Camera I'm always whining about. LOL

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Robyninski the 932nd!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lifebooks August Class

In August's Class over at Lifebook we dealt with childhood issues.. Tam gave a wonderful lecture then of coarse we do some artwork with this theme. We created a House our Inner Child would be safe in..

This was soooo much fun to do.. 6 hours went by and I was totally in that Art Trance. I looked up as I put the last bit of crackle on this gals face and it was Noon already!!  My how time can fly! Once again my camera has taken a lousy picture.. but you can see the texture from the Modeling Paste. I just love using Modeling Paste in my Pieces. I don't use it often enough.. You can't see the crackle on her face at all but it looks so darned cool!! 

I had just put the finishing touches on this Portrait when I was reminded that their was
the new lifebook lesson....

So all and all it's been a fun morning in my Art Studio..

You don't even want to know what time in the early a.m. I started! LOL

Okay I got up at 3:00 a.m..

This Gal was created using Watercolor Crayons and Acrylics.

She is on Mixed Media Paper as I rant out of the
Good Hot Press Watercolor Paper..

It's in my cart at Dick Blick .. Just sitting there saying

buy me!! LOL

soon, soon!! When the money tree blooms again!!


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Robyninski the 927th.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let Go!

I work so hard to blend and shade my Portraits.. But because of my lousy camera I can never see it in my photos.. sooooo on this piece I said to myself. "Self, either we are going to ruin this or have the shading finally show up!! " LMAO!  so I went to town Blending and Shading this piece.. Finally I have a good picture and I didn't ruin it!! so why am I telling you this??? well duh it's because I let go that I finally had a piece that I even liked!! 

So the moral to my story is "Let Go" when your creating... it's just a piece of paper.. you can always do it again, fix it or as I have done many times Throw it out!! but when you do "Let Go" you just might get some 
Complete Satisfaction..

LOL boy am I Profound today!! 

This Piece was done on Mixed Media Paper using Acrylics and Neo Color II Watercolor Crayons

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bees Wax

I haven't played with bees wax in soooo long but this workshop I'm in by Claudine Hellmuth sure had me inspired enough to get out the old melting pot and some crayons and go to work on another Collage.

I found this tree doing a Google search for trees. Is it not just tooo cool!! LOL

The dancer came form a photography group on Flicker. I wish I knew the name of the person who
took it so I could give proper credit.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Collaging Again

I'm in the workshop Claudine Hellmuth is giving on Composition for Collage. She gave the first class today and it was really interesting. I think I learned a lot. LOL  

My Base is a simplicity pattern. I love using those for Journaling and Collage.
The lines and words on the patterns make the piece sometimes.

Claudine provided some collage elements to use
if we wanted to or use our own.

I was too lazy to hunt around my studio so I used
hers. LOL

The workshop is for four weeks and already I can't wait for next week.

Here I go rushing the weeks again. LOL

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