Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to Basics once again

The other night I was kind of discouraged with my artwork. Don't ask why.. I think I had let that "Ugly Monster" Tam of Willowing talks about out.. It was telling me how much I stink as an Artist. How others are sooo much better and that I will never sell my work. Which is a dream of mine.  I got very discouraged and disheartened.. I decided to go back to whence (love that word) it all began and do some scrapbooking. I grabbed a beautiful picture I had of my Neice in Law.. and went to work..

This is what I came up with.. Totally satisfied I went to bed thinking better thoughts.. Maybe at times when we are down on ourselves it's a good thing to do a reality check and go back to some avenue we know and still love. It's something like going Home when we were kids in kindergarten and everything was soooo scarey! LOL

I used Paper from the "Ladies Diary" 12x12 Paper Pack

We can get it for you at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium
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Robyninski the 947th.


  1. Robyn, this is a beautiful page! You went with your heart and the results are gorgeous!

  2. That paper is gorgeous! You did a great job framing your beautiful niece! Love the fussy cut lady.

  3. Hi Robyn! Thanks for posting on this topic. I think we all have moments of doubt, where we question our ability and the goals we've set for ourselves. It's important to remember that these moments always pass, and that going back to our roots can keep us grounded, eyes on the prize!

  4. Robyn, This is a beautiful layout with you niece;s photo. i love it. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  5. This looks fabulous! Love the lady with the umbrella.


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