Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lifebooks August Class

In August's Class over at Lifebook we dealt with childhood issues.. Tam gave a wonderful lecture then of coarse we do some artwork with this theme. We created a House our Inner Child would be safe in..

This was soooo much fun to do.. 6 hours went by and I was totally in that Art Trance. I looked up as I put the last bit of crackle on this gals face and it was Noon already!!  My how time can fly! Once again my camera has taken a lousy picture.. but you can see the texture from the Modeling Paste. I just love using Modeling Paste in my Pieces. I don't use it often enough.. You can't see the crackle on her face at all but it looks so darned cool!! 

I had just put the finishing touches on this Portrait when I was reminded that their was
the new lifebook lesson....

So all and all it's been a fun morning in my Art Studio..

You don't even want to know what time in the early a.m. I started! LOL

Okay I got up at 3:00 a.m..

This Gal was created using Watercolor Crayons and Acrylics.

She is on Mixed Media Paper as I rant out of the
Good Hot Press Watercolor Paper..

It's in my cart at Dick Blick .. Just sitting there saying

buy me!! LOL

soon, soon!! When the money tree blooms again!!


Hey!! Thanks for stopping by..

Robyninski the 927th.


  1. Both pieces are simply gorgeous! This class sounds very inspiring and thought-provoking!

  2. Robyn, your blue haired girl is really beautiful.

  3. what a lovely little house ♥ love all the yummy textures around it!!


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