Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I??

I'm perplexed. well that's probably not the right word... more in a state of shock that I might be teaching a class on Whimsy Portraits at a local craft store here in Indianapolis. I say I might because I might chicken out at any second! LMAO!! My friend Cindy made the suggestion the other day when we had taken a little trip over to this store. On the way home Cindy said "why don't you teach your gals" and I right away thought No I can't do that!! but when I got home I started to think more about it and the idea sounded good to me. I think I might of had a crazy moment thinking I could teach!! or can I?

I created this peace with teaching it in mind. While I created this gal I went through exactly how I would talk and teach some gals how to create a portrait. It didn't seem as hard as I was thinking. In fact it felt like fun!!

so anywho I called Cindy and she is suppose to get in contact with the owner. In the mean time I'm going to prepare a little word document on what I would offer for the class and what my students would need. I'm going to present this to the gal that owns the shop to give her a better idea of the class.

So what do you all think? Can I do it? Or will I fall flat on my face!! LOL That Ugly Monster came out that is inside me that says "Your not good enough!! Why do you even think you can teach a class"!! I have been learning how to quiet this monster but it sure yells loud inside my head!! LOL

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Journal Spread

Last night I took hours to work on this piece I will probably never show anyone!! Once I got about three quarters done I took a good look and it was awful.. worse then a kindergarten kid would do... Do you ever have pieces like that? You think them out in your head and then go to work on them and they don't look anything like what it looked like in your minds eye. I had it all thought out and what I got is not what I thunked. LOL

so anywho I went back to basics and went with the comfortable and did this spread to soothe my bruised ego..I grabbed my trusty watercolor crayons and created this gal.. The background is Watercolors and Acrylics. I love combining them.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hippy Chick

Hippy Chick is what I named this new portrait I just finished... I guess because of the garland on her head or maybe I want to go back to my old Hippy Days. LOL

I used watercolor crayons and acrylics on mixed media paper. I'm out of my good watercolor paper and dats all I had. LOL  The Hot Press water color paper costs a bunch so it's on my wish list. The way things are going around here it looks like maybe by Christmas I'll get some.. I know whine whine whine. LMAO!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Nutter Collage

I love doing Collage work lately... I started off with a blank canvas and added pink tissue paper to the whole thing then went to town. I tried out this new medium I just bought, it's  by Liquitex called Coarse Texture Gel.. It's in their "Basics" line if you go looking for it.  How fun this is to use.. It's like coarse sand and I mixed it with some Titan Buff Acrylics randomly all over the piece. I know I'm a texture junkie!! LOL   I cut up some corrugated cardboard. On one small piece I glued designer paper on it and then with a craft knife I cut a rectangle out.. You now see peeking out all those wonderful grooves. I painted this and added the word "Think" to it... I did add pieces of material to this piece also but it's about 4 layers down. LOL  My last layer had my funny Alice in Wonderland Collage image and a piece of burlap. I'm sooo into burlap now too. LOL

I had a ball creating this.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Over at Mystele's "Little Glimpses Studio" she has challenges each month.  Last month I won and Mystele sent me a wonderful package full of different this's and that's.... She put in the package some yummy Simplicity Pattern paper... I just had to use this wonderful paper..It was calling my name.. LOL

So on one of the July Challenges over at Little Glimpses studio the challenge was to use the word "Fly".... After creating this portrait I thought now how does the word "Fly" go with this gal. She just looked so whistful and kind of sad and longing.... I knew right away I wanted to use some of the Lyrics from the Tune "Over the Rainbow"....... with the word Fly in it!! LOL  so dats what I did... I collaged the spread using the yummy pattern paper, brayered, stamped, oil pasteled and painted.. oh yeah and sprayed some wonderful dylusions ink..

And this is what I came up with... My lousy camera does it no justice once again. I even changed the contrast on it to try to show some of the shading I've been working so hard on to learn. Well I guess you see some of it.. duh and duh again! LOL  She looks way too light... boy I hate my camera!!  sure it's the user right? probably..LOL

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Robyninski the 927th.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Won I Won!!

I won over at Summer of Color  for my Pistachio piece... LOL   I'm so tickled I never win anything... on the contrary it's always me giving out prizes at OWSE.... what a nice feeling this is. LOL

Last night I created another Abstract and really had a ball doing it. It's a Collage with pieces of this and that thrown on... Also a bit of molding paste for some texture.  My Substrate was some stretched Canvas.

I added Burlap and Lace to the piece. I didn't think they would go together but am rather please
with the look.

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