Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More with Art Parts

I'm having so much fun playing with Wendy Vecchi's Art Parts. I used them in this Layout and Card. On the Layout I used Acrylic paint on one and Distress Stain Peeled Paint on the other. I think it takes the paint better then the ink. Maybe I should have done two coats of the Stain.

I cut out the Frame on my Cricut then embossed it with just one Layer of Utee and I didn't on purpose put the Utee on the whole frame. I tried to get the look of Wood and Distressing.

I used Kraft Paper for the Frame and Tim Holt's "Lost and Found" papers for the Base.

It's a pretty simple LO for me. I like more layers usually.

I used a Tilda Stamp on this card. I only have two of them.. I keep saying I want to collect these.

But I never do.. boooo on me!! LOL

The flowers are Mostly from Prima except that Little Pink one on the right bottom corner. That is from Bazill.

I was half awake when I painted the Art Parts and it sure looks like I should

have opened both eyes. LMAO!!

HEY! Thanks for looking..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Is it Halloween Yet?

I can't wait for Halloween. It's our First Halloween in this house and I haven't a clue what's going to go on on Halloween. But I got a feeling that doorbell is going to be ringing and ringing! LOL

I started to make some cards already.. here's two of them

Thanks for looking

It was a Wendy Vecchi Weekend

I guess I had a Wendy Vecchi weekend. I used her art parts in this piece. Plus one of her stamps. I'm really liking working with her products. We have a full line of Wendy Vecchi Products over at OWSE

I painted all the pieces with Acrylic Paint and then put Glossy Accents on the Butterfly and
Crackle Accents on the Flower. I should have put glossy accents on the Jar.. duh!

The Background is done with Acrylics and Gesso

Hey!!! Thanks for Looking

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn is Here for sure!!

For sure for sure Autumn is here and it's Wonderful outside.. I'm in my element now for sure!!

Here is a Tag I created with this Season in mind. I should have used Distress Stains for a more Vibrant Look.. stupido!! and I hate my camera it looks all washed out.. That's Orange and Green Ribbon.. Doesn't even look like those colors....whine whine whine. LOL

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Putting on the Ritz

I created this ATC Card for Simon Says Stamp's challenge.. I used Distress Inks and Edged the card with a Gold Leaf Pen.. I created a Mask of the Stamped Image and then Stamped my Script..

Once again my lousy camera does it no justice.

Hey!! Thanks for looking.

Inspired by Wendy Vecchi

Once again I was looking at one of Wendy Vecchi's books and was inspired to make this piece. I just got a stamp set in by her and I was chomping at the bit to use it! LOL

She give instructions in her book on how to make this.. yup we have it available at OWSE

I had most of the stamps need but not all.

I made the flower as I didn't have that stamp..

what a fun piece this was to make..

Signing off now Mr. Willy Wonka

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inspiration Showcase Class

The Inspiration Showcase Class is almost over now and I have to start from scratch.. My dog ate my pieces of hearts! LOL Well She didn't actually eat them she knocked them over and I can't find a lot of them.. I didn't write down on the back of the hearts what technique was what so I look at them and give the Big DUH not knowing what technique a particular heart is.. so dumb of me.. Naturally!! LOL Some of the other gals in the class are so organized and know what is what. NOT ME!! ROFL!!

well anywho here is a card I made for Class #5 working with Distress Inks. this is the Technique where you take a background stamp and put a few different colors of Distress Inks on it and then mist it with water or the pearlized water. I have only three background stamps so it's been a really big pain in the you know what trying to figure out different things to do with them.. I know what I want for my Birthday.. A whole hell of a lot of Background Stamps. LOL

Have I ever said I Hate My Camera!!

I really really do!

Hey !! thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A scavenger Hunt

In one of my Yahoo Group Journal Challenges one of the gals did our weekly challenge as a Scavenger Hunt. I had sooo much fun doing this Art Journal Spread. Gathering the pieces for the hunt and applying them to my spread. I used this Terra Cotta Texture for the first time and am in love with it. This is a Deco Arts Product and we sell it at OWSE.. Cindi will give you 20% off on your first order of Deco Art Products. Use the Coupon Code - TRADITIONS.

Some of the Elements in the Scavenger Hunt

was use an R and a F..

For the R I used Tissue Paper with Roses on it

For the F

I used a Flower Stencil

We were suppose to take something out of the Garbage and use it

I had just thrown an empty Paper Towel Roll into the garbage..

I cut this up and opened it and added the words Believe to it.

Then ran it through my Crimper and Distressed the Edges

Something from outside in the yard was needed so instead of gluing some tree branch

onto the spread I ran it through the Terra Cotta Texture stuff

to get those lines in it. Like scratches.

We had to have a bottle cap

well I have some but I'd be damned if I could find them

so I took a picture from the web and added three Layers of Clear UTEE to it..

A piece of Plastic I use one of Tim Holtz Fragments

We had to find a UPC Code and Add that.

We also needed a Piece of Metal and a Number

Once again I used a Tim Embellishment

I used Alcohol Ink to color the Metal

We need three colors of Acrylic Paint..

I am in love with Claudine Hellmuth's paints and used those.

Yes you can get it at OWSE

then their had to be some kind of Circles - two of them on the Spread

I found this Double Circle Stamp and stamped randomly on the Spread

And Finally we needed an Image of someone Smiling..

I had this cute stamp and boy is she ever smiling. LOL

I colored the stamp with Gelatos..

Same with my Hearts

I counted all the elements needed and finally had them all on their.

I might not have mentioned them all. It's hard to remember. duh!!

This was sooo much fun to do.. It took me hours..

I started in the wee hours of the morning and finally finished

at 10:00 this morning..

Working on it little by little until I had all the components..

Thanks Jeannie for a great challenge.

once again my puny camera makes it look terrible.

The Terra Cotta Texture looks fabulous but not in the picture for sure.

Hey!!! thanks for looking..

Monday, September 19, 2011

La Layout and Crackle Paste

I tired out some of my new Crackle Paste on this Layout.. The only trouble is it's crumbling off.. Perhaps I put it on too thick.. I dunno??? LOL

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Large Art Journal Cover

I'm obsessed with Art Journaling. I created a journal spread just about every day.. Even if I'm in the darkest of moods. Is it doing me any good??? How would I know? LOL

well anywho I needed to do the cover of my Large Art Journal.. My DH (duh hubby) bought me this and it's LARGE!! so intimidating at times. with these big white pages staring at me. I borrowed a die from Cindi.. Tim Holtz's big butterfly and went to work doing my cover..

I used a lot of texture on the cover. I used Molding Paste and Texture Crackle from Deco Arts. This is a great product!! It is really hard to get out and spread but you can really get cool crackle from it. I bought the white and wanted to see if I could mix color with it and you can for sure. Just spread on the crackle and then mix the color in. You can't just mix. It's way to hard of a mixture.

While everything was still wet I sprinkled Diamond Dust all over it..

Boy does it ever sparkle!!

Using the Tim Holtz Fanciful Flight Die I glittered it and put behind the glittered layer some really cool paper.. I had kind of a hard time figuring this die out but in the end I got it going!!

The image is from one of my Tubes I had bought from the Artist Zindy Nielson. I printed it and cut it out. Cool Image huh?

I cut out the butterflies from the same paper that is behind the die..

This picture does the cover no justice.

It's really beautiful if I say so myself. LOL

I Hate My Camera!!

and that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!

Hey!! thanks for looking!!

Robyninski the 539th!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 1 Inspiration Showcase

Yesterday was day one of the Class Inspiration Showcase and boy was it packed with information.

I am using hearts for each technique we learn and will place them on a 12x12 Canvas. Like it was done in the class.

Here is a card I made using the Kissing Technique of Resist. It came out very light and suttle. Can you see the picture of the woman raising her head up? duh

In Class 2 she works with the Kissing Technique again but I found the four background
stamps I have don't work very well with this technique.

I hope to order the stamps she used.. well maybe if I get some money and the
creek don't rise!! ROFL

Sunday, September 4, 2011

wax, wax, wax

I played with Bees Wax today.. I wanted to know if I can use acrylic paint on my canvas and then stamp on it then layer the beeswax over it. After the Acrylic Paint I used tissue paper then stamped.. well I found out yes I can! Over everything I used my Perfect Pearls to give it a sheen. I love love Perfect Pearls. I got the image on the internet and the car is from a Tim Holtz stamp set I have.

Hey! Thanks for looking!