Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inspiration Showcase Class

The Inspiration Showcase Class is almost over now and I have to start from scratch.. My dog ate my pieces of hearts! LOL Well She didn't actually eat them she knocked them over and I can't find a lot of them.. I didn't write down on the back of the hearts what technique was what so I look at them and give the Big DUH not knowing what technique a particular heart is.. so dumb of me.. Naturally!! LOL Some of the other gals in the class are so organized and know what is what. NOT ME!! ROFL!!

well anywho here is a card I made for Class #5 working with Distress Inks. this is the Technique where you take a background stamp and put a few different colors of Distress Inks on it and then mist it with water or the pearlized water. I have only three background stamps so it's been a really big pain in the you know what trying to figure out different things to do with them.. I know what I want for my Birthday.. A whole hell of a lot of Background Stamps. LOL

Have I ever said I Hate My Camera!!

I really really do!

Hey !! thanks for looking!


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