Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Large Art Journal Cover

I'm obsessed with Art Journaling. I created a journal spread just about every day.. Even if I'm in the darkest of moods. Is it doing me any good??? How would I know? LOL

well anywho I needed to do the cover of my Large Art Journal.. My DH (duh hubby) bought me this and it's LARGE!! so intimidating at times. with these big white pages staring at me. I borrowed a die from Cindi.. Tim Holtz's big butterfly and went to work doing my cover..

I used a lot of texture on the cover. I used Molding Paste and Texture Crackle from Deco Arts. This is a great product!! It is really hard to get out and spread but you can really get cool crackle from it. I bought the white and wanted to see if I could mix color with it and you can for sure. Just spread on the crackle and then mix the color in. You can't just mix. It's way to hard of a mixture.

While everything was still wet I sprinkled Diamond Dust all over it..

Boy does it ever sparkle!!

Using the Tim Holtz Fanciful Flight Die I glittered it and put behind the glittered layer some really cool paper.. I had kind of a hard time figuring this die out but in the end I got it going!!

The image is from one of my Tubes I had bought from the Artist Zindy Nielson. I printed it and cut it out. Cool Image huh?

I cut out the butterflies from the same paper that is behind the die..

This picture does the cover no justice.

It's really beautiful if I say so myself. LOL

I Hate My Camera!!

and that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!

Hey!! thanks for looking!!

Robyninski the 539th!


  1. This is wonderful! I can only imagine in real life with all it's sparkle how beautiful it really is!

  2. This is really beautiful Robyn, I love the clours.


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