Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Freebie

Yup it's another wednesday and I have for you the Wacky Wednesday Freebie.. This time I will be putting it on this blog and our challenge blog!!

Here is the preview

And here is your download link

have fun creating and if you would like for me to show off your creations just write to me at

Hugs all

Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Siggy Tags I've done

I am so upset that you guys can not see some of the beautiful animations.. I don't know why blogger doesn't treat a .gif file as an animation.. I have lots of snow and glowing going on on some of these tags.. booooo on blogger.. lol

Here are a few tags I've done over the weekend

on this one the flames moves and so does some mist in the lamp post holder thingy. lol

on this one there is snow falling all around her..

on this one all the little guys are spinning around..

and on this one there was snow falling all over.....

Thats a few of what I've made this weekend.. Don't forget our new Releases for the shop are coming up real soon and there are some real cuties in there... Watch for our Wacky Wednesday Freebie and of course our challenges will be waiting for you to do next Saturday!!

Have fun creating...

Big Hugs

Saturday, December 5, 2009

WWF finished

Just wanted to show off this weeks Wacky Wednesday Freebie. You can get the freebie on the Challenge Blog here.. I'd love to see what you create with it, send your creations to me at

This is what I created this morning..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three ATC's made with Robyn's Fetish Images

I'm in an ATC swap for christmas and what better then to use some of our digital stamp images from Robyns Fetish Shop.

Here are the three I made -

The Mouse and the Snowman in the stocking are some new releases coming out very soon!! I just had to use them. lol and of coarse Rudolph with his sleigh is in inventory now!!

First thing I had to do was resize them for use with ATC sizes which is 3 1/2 by 2 1/2.. You can do this with either your Paint Program or even right on your printer..

I used on the house mouse white frost stickles on the trim of the hat and coat. On the snowman I used "Sparklensprinkle" glitter and of coarse on Rudplph I trimmed the edges with silver stickles. The Background on Rudolph was done by using Tim Holtz's distressed ink. I spread a little bit of both colors onto my working mat and then spritzed with a little water until some droplets formed then took my blank card and rubbed it across the ink being sure not to blend the two together. It's quite a fun and easy technique that I love to use as you never know how they will come out.. All my coloring is done using Prisma Color Pencils and Gamsol or if you can not find gamsol itself any Odorless Mineral Spirits will do.. I usually buy mine at Hobby Lobby in the art department.

Be watching soon for our new releases, I have some real cutie patooties coming up...

Thanks for looking

Big Hugs

Ileana's Santa Card

I just had to show off what Ileana created with last weeks Freebie... It is a cutie patootie for sure

To get this weeks Wacky Wednesday Freebie hop on over to the Challenge Blog and upload it

Show off your creations by writing me a

Great Work Ileana as usual

Hugs All

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Sale at Robyns Fetish Shop

Would you believe I've marked everything at Robyns Fetish Shop down to 35% off!!! Yup, for this weekend only you can receive 35% off on everything in the store..

Hop on over to the store here

and get everything 35% off!! The sale goes from Today through out this weekend!!! wooo hooo!!

Get all your digital stamps and have fun creating!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours..

Big Hugs

Wacky Wednesday Freebie on Thanksgiving

I know I'm a day late for the Wacky Wednesday Freebie, I wanted to give you all a present on Thanksgiving.... so here it is.. a cutie patoootie!!

Download Here

Have fun and show us your results. You can mail me your creation for me to post at

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, please be careful driving today and eat, eat, eat!! lol

Big Hugs

Monday, November 23, 2009

Been busy Tagging

Every morning I've been making some new signature tags, here is a few I have done..

as you can tell there is alot of Christmas tags being done.. wonder why? rofl!!!

Don't forget our Saturday Challenge on our Challenge blog -

and of coarse our shop has some newDigital Stamp releases - check them out here

grab up that wacky wednesday freebie and do a challenge, you just might win some digitial stamp images!! wooo hooo!

Hugs all

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Freebie for November 18th

It's Wednesday again, yuppers and I have a Wacky Wednesday Freebie for you. I love this image and can't wait to work with it.. Take a Gander:

and here is your download link

have fun and show us your creations!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some New Paint Shop Pro Siggy Tags

I'm getting heavy into doing siggy tags again, joined a new Forum run by an old friend of mine by the name of Beaches.. I love to stay busy so besides all my papercrafting I'm tagging too.. Here are a few I have done in the last couple of days...

In This one I created snow to fall, but it's not showing.. I don't know why blogger doesn't show any animations.. booooo on blogger...

and in this one the fairy is sprinkling fairy dust all over, that doesn't show either... grrrrrrr

Don't you just love this image. I fell in Love with this artist.. It was the first I had heard of him/her not sure what gender as the website was oriental.. but it was a free image for a change!
Thanks all for looking at my paint shop pro signature tags.. They are so much fun to do.. I have been tagging now for over 8 years and have taught basic psp at one time in my own forum... nowadays I have a little bit of time in the wee hours to do some tuts or use a freebie scrap kit to put together a tag... it is relaxing and fun to do..

now back to stamping and paper crafts. The forum has some great challenges going now, if your a member don't forget to introduce yourselves so we can get to know you better, if you want to join please go to and register .. I will activate you account asap.. then have some fun.. Join us in the general chat area, do a few challenges and win some robyns fetish digital stamps.. There is an atc swap just started and a card and gift swap.. Donna has a great sketch challenge going for you scrappers... if you don't see something you want I have a suggestion box just tell me and I will add it to the forum.. this is our home on the net so join, kick back and relax and have some fun, fun, fun!!

Don't forget our Challenge Blog has some great challenges where again you can win some digital stamps from Robyns Fetish shop.

Hope you had some fun on the blog hop and remember I have some new releases out check them out. The big sale is still going on at the shop.. 22% off everything !!! wooo hooo..

Big Hugs All

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Hop to Celebrate our New Releases!

Wooo Hooo where having a blog hop to celebrate our new releases.. Start on over at the Challenge Blog and follow it there.

by the time you have reached my blog you should have come from

Amandas Blog - here

and the next place you need to hop over to is Lisa's Blog - here
Want to see the new releases? wooo hooo they are soooo cute

here we go-

Aren't these some cutie patooties.. There being put into the shop today!! and will be up for sale.. In honor of todays Blog Hop I'm running a 22% sale on all inventory not only the new releases but everything!! I know I'm nutso!!

go check out our images at

Donna has a great challenge going. It's a color challenge - check it out at the challenge blog and win some great images!!

and don't forget to join our papercrafting forum -

The forum is for all types of papercrafting.. from soup to nuts - or from scrapping both digi and paper to atc's swaps, cardmaking and you name it.. There are some wonderful challenges going already!! Donna has a fantastic Sketch challenge up.. and I have some swaps going.... Come on and register and be sure to introduce yourself in the "Welcome" discussion so we can get to know you better.. Have some fun and make some new friends... wooooo hoooo!!

Here is our Flower Pot Digital Stamp .. I colored it with prisma color pencils and gamsol.. Don't you just love this image.. I had alot of fun creating this card.. Everyone of the DT Gals know how much I want a sewing machine.. well I tried to stitch on the top by hand. I made a template and pierced the holes and then followed along.. not bad for no sewing machine.. rofl!! a little raggedy but hey that's the look nowadays... lol

Big Hugs all

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some more Paint Shop Pro Siggy Tags

I've joined some Paint Shop Pro Forums again and am getting into doing some siggy tags..
years ago I had my own msn group with over 100 members but that was a very long time ago.. now with the shop and all the sites I kind of got away from it.. I'm getting back into it and even thinking of writing my own tutorials.. well thinking of it anyways because I find it hard sometimes to remember what I've done. lol I wrote some along time ago but never got heavy into it. well anywho's heres the most recent tags I've done..

I just finished this one.. for some reason the animation doesn't show on blogger.. but her wings sparkle..

Here is another I did last night for a scrap kit challenge..

and this was for a tutorial challenge

Thanks for looking.. maybe if we get some people interested I'll add some challenges for psp into the forum. what do you think? anyone into psping? let me know.

Hugs all

Two Wonderful Creations from Amanda

I love love what Amanda has done with our Robyn's Fetish Images.. Take a looky at these cards.
Aren't they fantastic.. Our Design Team has sooooo much talent!! I'm proud of each and every one of them.. Check out their blogs on my side bar your in for a real treat!!

Wacky Wednesday Freebie for November 11th

It's Wednesday and time for the Wacky Wednesday Freebie.. Today we have Lyla a real cutie

Download here

Enjoy your Freebie from RobynsFetish Shop

Hugs All

Monday, November 9, 2009

Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog Challenge

I am entering this Robyns Fetish Digital Stamp image that was our freebie for the week in Scrappy Frogs Challenge.. We were suppose to do a card about Thanksgiving... This image was perfect for their challenge..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Forum

Our New Forum is ready to register at for all that want to join a Papercrafting forum

Please go to and register.. Get in on the ground floor!!

We have barely opened the doors!! and were ready for you to have some fun, fun, fun..

Chat with us, show off your creations.. Join a challenge or join in our crop events.. Were filling the boards now...

The Forum is for all Papercrafting... Not just for RF new or images..

Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, ATC swaps and show off's.. All altered art!! Come make new friends and show off your creations.. The forum is open to anyone who does papercrafting!!

wooo hoooo let's have some fun!!!!

The Stamp I used for the below post

I had a few people ask where I got the stamp I used on the 411 challenge.. I got it at a site called

"The Rubber Poet" "Yes Pigs can Fly" weird name but I love love some of their stamps.. They have very different ones. some I like and some I don't but this was from their East Bank Collection. I bought a few of them. Here is the addy for them.. They sell mounted and unmounted stamps, this one was unmounted.

A little tip on how to use unmounted stamps.. Put double sided tape on your acrylic block and then mount your stamp. It works great. then when your done just peel off the tape.

Thanks for all the great comments on the card..

I wanted to let you all know that because of the hackers I had to delete the forum.. everytime I changed the password they would get it and lock me out.. I think these kids have no lifes and have to do this to others to get their jollies off! well it's been quiet for a few days now and no passwords have been changed to my knowledge.. I'm going to attempt to reconfigure the forum again and see what happens... I had worked three days straight on bringing all the sites back up and running again and was sooo tired I just gave up but as this is what the hackers would want I refuse to give them that.. I will try once again..... Once I do have it reconfigured anyone can go and preregister... I will activate your accounts early so you can get in on the ground floor of the forum.. what is the forum for? well it's for all types of paper crafting.. Scrapbooking, Card making, ATC swaps and so much more.. it will be a small community of crafters not large like split coast or ACOT so we can all get to know each other, make new friends, show off our creations, learn new techniques and do some challenges and even have some virtual crops!!! sounds like alot of fun don't it.. I know alot of you might be in yahoo groups and places like that. well a forum is much more personal then that I think.. I have run a few of them and been involved in some and I find you can have alot of fun getting involved in them.. so I'm going to give it another shot and I ask anyone that wants to , to join..

So anywho be watching for my post sometime today as to when it will be ready to go register.. if they steal the password again guess what I will rebuild and rebuild.. I am not going to let these people get to me.. I have had some rest now and the more I think about the more I realize I'm playing into the hackers hands . This I am not going to do.. so woooo hooo come join us and have some fun fun fun!! everyone will be invited!!!

Big Hugs All

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Challenge Card for Stamping 411

I was in the mood this morning to join a challenge over at stamping 411..

their addy is Every Saturday they have a sketch challenge.. I'ts been a while since I did one... Here is the sketch we had to work with

and here is mine.

It was fun fun fun!!

Hugs all

Another Paint Shop Pro Siggy Tag

I downloaded this cutie patootie scrap kit for free if anyone wants it - here and created this psp siggy tag.. wooohooo I'm having a ball creating psp tags..

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Paint Shop Pro Siggy Tag

I'm getting back into creating Signature Tags in Paint Shop Pro.. Here is one I did this morning..
A cutie patootie.. lol The stars twinkle and are animated but it's not showing up in the post.. duh!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Releases and a blog hop

We have some new releases and on the 14th. were going to have a blog hop.. wooohooo!!

I have a sneek preview of one of the new releases for you.. try to guess what it is and I will give it to you!!!

Don't forget that saturday on our challenge blog is a challenge where you can win some Robyn's Fetish Images..!!!

Hugs all

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Watercolor Effect

Donna and I were talking the other day and she told me how to use my water based pens.. she is going to write a tutorial on how to use them to get the watercolor effect with pens.. I tried out what she said and this is what I came up with.. I have to practice more with how much water I mist onto my stamps but it was alot of fun to try this new technique..woo hoo I love to learn new technques don't you? I purposely left the tag not stamped because this card can be used for various reason and I wanted to be able to stamp what I need when the time comes..

My Wacky Wednesday Freebie Card

I created this card with our Freebie for this week.. I'm concentrating on my shading as I'm learning different techniques in that.. now let's see yours!!!! write to me at and attach your creation .. I would love love to see them!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Freebie

Yup it's time for another Freebie!! wooo hooo!! It's late Tuesday night so I thought I'd post the freebie for you all to get!! Now this is a real cutie patootie .... I hope you all are starting to get into the holidays like I am.. right around the corner is Thanksgiving and then my favorite holiday Christmas.. I turn into a child every year!! lol

Well I thought for todays freebie I'd do a Thanksgiving image.. to start of the holiday season.. am I rushing it??? well maybe, rofl!!!

Here is the preview of our Freebie from Robyns Fetish shop

Download Here

Have fun and I would love to see what you create with this.. send me an email with your image to

Don't forget our challenge on Saturday over at our challenge blog

Big Hugs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Weeks Wacky Wednesday Freebie

I'm posting last weeks Wacky Wednesday Freebie for those you that did not get it . Be watching this Wednesday for a new Freebie it's a cutie patootie!! wooo hooo!

Here is the preview of last weeks freebie

And here is you Link to download it - download

I want to thank everyone for their Kindness and Patience since the sites got hacked. The shop is up and running as is the challenge blog and gallery.. The Forum should be back on track some time today..

Hugs all

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Welcome to my new blog.. For those of you that followed me from the old blog I'm so glad you are here and for my new readers Welcome to the world of Robyn's Fetish.. My shoppe is where I sell Digital Stamps, Stickers n more!!! We also have our Challenge Blog where you can join in our challenges and win Digital Stamp Images.. Check it out..

Every Wednesday we have Wacky Wednesday Freebies.. Come and grab a digital stamp freebie.. You can use it while doing one of our challenges..

Coming soon some new releases and a blog hop!! wooo hooo.. so be ready for some fun fun fun at Robyn's Fetish... and yes I am addicted to papercrafting and of course paper!!