Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Stamp I used for the below post

I had a few people ask where I got the stamp I used on the 411 challenge.. I got it at a site called

"The Rubber Poet" "Yes Pigs can Fly" weird name but I love love some of their stamps.. They have very different ones. some I like and some I don't but this was from their East Bank Collection. I bought a few of them. Here is the addy for them.. They sell mounted and unmounted stamps, this one was unmounted.

A little tip on how to use unmounted stamps.. Put double sided tape on your acrylic block and then mount your stamp. It works great. then when your done just peel off the tape.

Thanks for all the great comments on the card..

I wanted to let you all know that because of the hackers I had to delete the forum.. everytime I changed the password they would get it and lock me out.. I think these kids have no lifes and have to do this to others to get their jollies off! well it's been quiet for a few days now and no passwords have been changed to my knowledge.. I'm going to attempt to reconfigure the forum again and see what happens... I had worked three days straight on bringing all the sites back up and running again and was sooo tired I just gave up but as this is what the hackers would want I refuse to give them that.. I will try once again..... Once I do have it reconfigured anyone can go and preregister... I will activate your accounts early so you can get in on the ground floor of the forum.. what is the forum for? well it's for all types of paper crafting.. Scrapbooking, Card making, ATC swaps and so much more.. it will be a small community of crafters not large like split coast or ACOT so we can all get to know each other, make new friends, show off our creations, learn new techniques and do some challenges and even have some virtual crops!!! sounds like alot of fun don't it.. I know alot of you might be in yahoo groups and places like that. well a forum is much more personal then that I think.. I have run a few of them and been involved in some and I find you can have alot of fun getting involved in them.. so I'm going to give it another shot and I ask anyone that wants to , to join..

So anywho be watching for my post sometime today as to when it will be ready to go register.. if they steal the password again guess what I will rebuild and rebuild.. I am not going to let these people get to me.. I have had some rest now and the more I think about the more I realize I'm playing into the hackers hands . This I am not going to do.. so woooo hooo come join us and have some fun fun fun!! everyone will be invited!!!

Big Hugs All

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