Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing with Beeswax and Crayons

I have been playing with Beeswax and Crayons and having a ball!! This is my first time using a Canvas and I love it.. First I used Gesso and covered the Canvas. Then glued my paper down using Gel Medium. Then I added my Collage pieces with layers of Beewax over them. I took crayons and smudged the heated wax all over and then my iron to smooth it all out .. I also used a hot wax stylus tool.. Suz Weinberg has some great tutorial videos on using Beeswax and collages. All of my embellishments are stuck on the canvas with the beeswax. It's a great glue!! LOL

I wasn't sure I was liking this piece until I put the golden perfect pearls on and it somehow all came together. oh yeah and don't put your last embellishments like lace on until your totally done all all of the mediums will get on it.. I decided once the perfect pearls got on the lace that Yup that's what I wanted to do all along! NOT!! LOL

Michaels had a sale on Canvas so I bought 4 of these little ones.

I entered this in these challenges

Crafts and Me - anything goes

Hey Thanks for Looking!!

Robyninski the 542nd!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ATC Cards and me

I have troubles all the time doing ATC cards. I don't know why but that small area makes me choke up and loose all inspiration.. Yet I'm in about 3 yahoo groups and my own group at OWSE. One hostess wanted layers. I got in this big thing about what does that mean since I stamp I think layers is your background and then some stamping and maybe a main image. Well she wanted more then that. I kindly backed out that swap and did some other projects. When I all of a sudden noticed my name on the list for that swap.. I choked up! Now what.. so I did the big the hell with it and stamped layers on the card. If this isn't good enough I guess she can kindly send the card back to me which she states she will do if the cards she gets isn't good enough for her scrutiny.. bah humbug!!

So you tell me what you think about this card and if it's not good enough for a swap. grrrrrr

My First Layer is the Technique by Tim Holtz called "Wrinkle Free" using Distress Inks
Then I stamped the Oriental writing

after that I stamped the tree with embossing ink and wet embossed with pink embossing powder
I then used my Gold Leaving Marker and went around the edges

and then added the charm.

Is this not good enough? We will see!

Hey thanks for Looking!!! I'm really not mad just confused on what more is wanted.

duh and duh again!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Grungy Monday!!

It's Grungy Monday and since OWSE sponsored Studio L3 last week I have to pick a winner of their challenge. well what I'm going to do is put all the names in a hat and have DH (DUH HUBBY) pick one.. I want to see all the entries. These people are so talented it put's me to shame!! but I try.

This week we are doing Distress and Texture Fades. I only have two texture fades but I have loads of cuddlebug embossing plates so I chose one of them and ran it through my Vagabond machine. there is a difference when you run it through the Vagabond machine versus the cuttlebug. It's much more texurized.. When I'm lazy I use the cuddlebug but lately it's all Vagabond!!

Here is the tag I did. I'm trying to practice "Less is More" and not over embellish and do a million flowers.. It's hard!! I always think my creation is not finished. well anywho see the stamping upside down. Cool huh. It wasn't by accident. Okay yes it was but if you read it it says "A dream is a wish your heart makes". right.. well mine are kind of upside down right now so I left the sentiment upside down and didn't start over!! ROFL

I put ink on my texture plate and ran it through the vagabond.. I love love this technique!! I distressed the sides of my tag with distress embossing powder.. Stamped my bird with many colors of pigment ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder. ran some twine around and voila!! My new Tag!! I'm entering over at Linda's Studio L3 - Grungy Monday.. .. now for something real important I have wanted to do today, A well deserved Nap!!

Glitter Lace and Lollipop Flowers

I'm into some new stuff!! I'm learning how to do Glitter Lace and how to make Lollipop Flowers using Satin Material.. In the midst of packing to move to a new/old house!! the house we are moving to was built in 1865.. OMG something is older than me!! LOL It has no closets!! at all!! Hubby is suppose to build one but ya wanna bet it doesn't get done before we move in in June!! ROFL.. I see all my clothes on a pile on the floor in the spare bedroom. Ya wanna bet!!

so anywho I saw these glitter lace cards on a utube video I wanted to try to make. Mine did not come out like the gal who did the video.. But for a first I'm happy with it. These are soooo much fun to make. You get to play with all this glitter!! and glue!! I was one happy camper getting glitter and glue all over the place. Then I went on to become a fire bug playing with Satin and trying to make these lollipop flowers. Cutting out the circle sound much easier then it is. I don't have circle punches nor could I cut it out on my cricut. I don't have sticky enough mats. Sizzix has a die out for circles using their steel rule dies but of coarse I don't have it.. so I punted.. Trish had sent me this circle cutter thingy by Martha Stewart.. After trying and trying to cut the circles out John me Hubby devised a system where we taped the fabric real taunt and cut them out. It works kinda.. and then using the lighter to burn the edges almost started a fire!! besides that the lighter you use to start barbeques with have a thing on them you have to press first and then ignite. My finger was killing me trying to do it so I reverted to a regular lighter and burnt myself I don't know how many times. boy do they get hot!! My circles became ovals ... but hey I'm just learning!! LOL

Here is my final results. I want to play some more and get them looking better. There are feathers behind them but it's hard to see in the picture.. in fact the picture sucks trying to see the glitter shining.. someone send a new camera!! yeah right!! LOL

The color of the lighter glitter is an antique blue.. Looks white in the picture..

That is all glitter your looking at.. No lace at all. You pull that right off when your working them.

I had sooo much fun and made such a big mess creating these!!


Hey! thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to Basics but

I went back to basics today and did a Layout.. but it's not really the basics as I masked and stamped.. I haven't done any scrapbooking in such a long time I just had to. Scrapping is what I started out doing about 3 years ago. I know I'm just a baby!! LOL Now I'm into all the fancy schmancy altered and mixed media art.. so today I went to my roots.. ROFL

The paper on the left that looks blue is actually black. I sanded it so that brown came through
I masked Tim's flourish stamp and then inked up a writing stamp and went down the page with it.

The Paper of coarse is all Graphic 45
Domestic Goddess I think

well most of it is Domestic Goddess

The border was done with a Martha Stewart Punch
I don't have many punches but I love love this one.
The flowers are from Timmy's Grunge Flower Die

Hey Thanks for Lookin

Monday, April 11, 2011

Grungy Monday

Guess who's the sponsor over at Studio L3 this week , yup it's OWSE!! I am thrilled to sponsor this wonderful Blog which is filled with Tim Holtz Challenges... This week we worked with Tim's Color Washes.. Being I only have three of them my choices were easy of what colors to work with. LOL

Being that one of the colors really took over my Tag it looks like I only sprayed one.. Cranberry.. but their is two others their, Lettuce and Butterscotch.. duh!! Next time I do this technique I'll know better not to let such a big color blend right into the others like it did..
anywho here is my tag using the Technique of Faux Bleach..

I also the other night worked with Beeswax again and am pleased how my second time working with it
came out..

I found the image on the Web

and heated up that ole wax

It's pretty simple but I've been just trying to learn how to work with the wax

Thanks for looking you all!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Day goes by

I made it through another day in my grief by keeping very busy.. Working our online shops, packing products and shipping, cleaning house and just doing some crafting I managed to get through another day missing Forest. Last night I thought he was in the kitchen as he usually slept next to me on his blanket on the floor.. Then I had to remind myself where he was. I choked up bad. but it will get easier I'm sure.. I sure hope so..

anywho I went over to Jeanette's Soartful Challenges and got into her challenge this week of Arches.. Not that I did an Arch persay but the shape this image was in reminded me of an archway..

I used the Tim Holtz Technique in the background of Shabby Chic. Use Distress Embossing Ink and inked up my stamp after using a black Dabber all over my chipboard.. I stamped with the embossing ink. Put clear embossing powder and the heated it. Then with a contrasting color I inked all over the chipboard again. Spritzed a paper towel with water and wiped it off lightly.. The embossing powder creates a resist like. I love love this technique!

I put lace on the bottom but it's hard to this in this photo. The flowers are Prima flowers.. I didn't make them this time. Added a Pen Nib.. I love these too!!

You can buy the ink, flowers, pen nibs all at OWSE our discount club for all your paper crafting

I wanted to show off this flower I made for my Husbands anniversary card. I threw this card together as that was the day our Anniversary that I made the decision about forest and I was just so emotional.. I had to make John a card no matter what. anywho here it is..
Don't ya just love this flower. I know it's too big for the card I just had to show it off! Made with rose pedals

Thanks everyone for the Kind words about Forest
and thanks for looking at my creations..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forest Has Passed Away

My dog Forest had to be put to sleep yesterday late afternoon. I am besides myself with grief. He was 12 years old and had been with me since he was a puppy .. I had rescued him from the Pound. he never got sick not once in 12 years nor did he get fleas when the other dogs had them.. he never complained about all the Arthritis that took over his body..

He got sick about 5 days ago and had the runs so bad.. he got very weak and I kept giving him Pedialyte to put the electrolytes back into him. Sometimes I used a baster and sometimes he would drink it on his own. he ate some bread and rice at times also.. He started to get better but he couldn't walk at all. The vet never showed up to my house until yesterday afternoon though I called and called.. He said that his bones were going out of the sockets in his hips. My baby never complained not once!! Not even a whimper. The decision had to be made. I said my goodbyes and ran to my crafts room where I totally fell apart. Bad!! My heart is broken.. I feel like I have done something really wrong. That I hurt him. that I abandoned him. He was very overweight. 165 pounds or more.. Did I cause the Arthritis to be so bad? We couldn't bathe him, he got a skin condition. Did I ignore him too much? all sorts like this are going around in my head over and over and I feel guilty.. I loved him like as if he were my child. I love all my dogs and cats that way. I never could have children and they are and were my babies. I feel lost without him and so helpless. I am a total control freak and I'm so upset that I can't just bring him back and control this whole thing. I can't !! It hurts so bad!! I have three other dogs and I can't even think of going through this again. Is it worth it to get them and love them and then go through this? I don't know. I'm doubting everything right now. My poor baby is gone and I miss him so. I keep seeing him at the side of my bed when I walk by the bedroom. My mind is playing tricks on me I know it. I know he is in Heaven and out of pain .. I'm selfish I want him here with me!!

anyhow to keep busy last night after I sorted the shipment that came in for OWSE I started to learn how to work with my new Melting Pot and Beeswax. It's all a bit of a blur because my emotional state sucked last night but it was really interesting. I need to learn a lot more for sure.

this tag is what I came up with while working with the beeswax. It's rough I know but the first time I have ever worked with this medium.

I used a napkin, an image I had on Vellum and some old book paper..

I also used Perfect Pearls..

inked around the edges with vintage photo..

I will play with it again once my head is a little clearer.

My imagination and inspiration are gone right now

I just want my Baby Back

thanks for looking and listening to me whine