Monday, April 18, 2011

Glitter Lace and Lollipop Flowers

I'm into some new stuff!! I'm learning how to do Glitter Lace and how to make Lollipop Flowers using Satin Material.. In the midst of packing to move to a new/old house!! the house we are moving to was built in 1865.. OMG something is older than me!! LOL It has no closets!! at all!! Hubby is suppose to build one but ya wanna bet it doesn't get done before we move in in June!! ROFL.. I see all my clothes on a pile on the floor in the spare bedroom. Ya wanna bet!!

so anywho I saw these glitter lace cards on a utube video I wanted to try to make. Mine did not come out like the gal who did the video.. But for a first I'm happy with it. These are soooo much fun to make. You get to play with all this glitter!! and glue!! I was one happy camper getting glitter and glue all over the place. Then I went on to become a fire bug playing with Satin and trying to make these lollipop flowers. Cutting out the circle sound much easier then it is. I don't have circle punches nor could I cut it out on my cricut. I don't have sticky enough mats. Sizzix has a die out for circles using their steel rule dies but of coarse I don't have it.. so I punted.. Trish had sent me this circle cutter thingy by Martha Stewart.. After trying and trying to cut the circles out John me Hubby devised a system where we taped the fabric real taunt and cut them out. It works kinda.. and then using the lighter to burn the edges almost started a fire!! besides that the lighter you use to start barbeques with have a thing on them you have to press first and then ignite. My finger was killing me trying to do it so I reverted to a regular lighter and burnt myself I don't know how many times. boy do they get hot!! My circles became ovals ... but hey I'm just learning!! LOL

Here is my final results. I want to play some more and get them looking better. There are feathers behind them but it's hard to see in the picture.. in fact the picture sucks trying to see the glitter shining.. someone send a new camera!! yeah right!! LOL

The color of the lighter glitter is an antique blue.. Looks white in the picture..

That is all glitter your looking at.. No lace at all. You pull that right off when your working them.

I had sooo much fun and made such a big mess creating these!!


Hey! thanks for looking!

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