Monday, April 11, 2011

Grungy Monday

Guess who's the sponsor over at Studio L3 this week , yup it's OWSE!! I am thrilled to sponsor this wonderful Blog which is filled with Tim Holtz Challenges... This week we worked with Tim's Color Washes.. Being I only have three of them my choices were easy of what colors to work with. LOL

Being that one of the colors really took over my Tag it looks like I only sprayed one.. Cranberry.. but their is two others their, Lettuce and Butterscotch.. duh!! Next time I do this technique I'll know better not to let such a big color blend right into the others like it did..
anywho here is my tag using the Technique of Faux Bleach..

I also the other night worked with Beeswax again and am pleased how my second time working with it
came out..

I found the image on the Web

and heated up that ole wax

It's pretty simple but I've been just trying to learn how to work with the wax

Thanks for looking you all!!


  1. Gorgeous tag Robyn... love the bleach technique... looks wonderful and like what you did with the beeswax...

    Jenny x

  2. Your GM tag is gorgeous. I love the background. I love the second tag too. Great image. Thanks for sponsoring GM....Donna

  3. Love all the detail and rich colours in your GM tag.

  4. Two wonderful tags, love all the elements.

  5. The background of your first tag is so beautiful! I love the colors and the butterfly you chose to put on this background also.

  6. Love your butterfly tag. The background is gorgeous.


  7. You did a beautiful job on your tags! LOVE the background on the first one...WOW! IT POPS! Your second tag is darling! LOVE the image! <3 Candy

  8. These tags are gorgeous. I have the stamp you have used on the top one and it is one of my all time favs. Will have to get my wax out and actually try it out - still in the pot and the pan is still in the packaging!! LOL!!!!

  9. both are simply gorgeous, love the wax and I'm lovin' the bleached faux effect as well.....gorgeous

  10. I love the color on your background - it give a tremendous amount of depth. Nice use of embelishment!

  11. Robyn, I can't thank you enough for sponsoring Grungy Monday! I'm delighted to have the opportunity to meet you and introduce your awesome business to all the participants!

    I'm also delighted to see your GORGEOUS Color Wash art! Fantastic job, girl! I love the rich colors, and the faux bleach technique looks fabulous.

    Gorgeous beeswax tag, too! I love that bunny.


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