Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Card

I've decided to print out my Christmas Cards this year from one of my Paintings. I usually make all my cards but this year with all the pain I'm in and not being able to get to my studio for periods of time I figured it's the best way to go. I created this Whimsical Gal Skating and I think it would make a fabulous card. Tamara at Willowing had a Christmas Whimsy Workshop and I got into it creating this piece. So I got out my card making program and worked up a little card. I just have to get the paper to print them on and I'm all done! Let's hope I don't run out of ink! LOL

I'm joining "Create Every Day" though I haven't actually been doing that. It's just so hard to climb the steps to my studio. I push myself though not giving into being in the wheelchair all the time. It gets so hard some days not to just give up. Okay I'm whining! LOL 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

first day back

This is my first day back to my studio after being in bed for awhile with severe pain in my knees and legs. I am back in a wheelchair now but my studio is upstairs and I couldn't get up them. How frustrating it was to lie in bed each day. I watched so much television I thought it was coming out of my eyeballs! LOL  I had steroid shots in my knees and back within a two week period and finally started to feel a little better. Right now I have one hell of a headache from all the steroids but that is to be expected they said. They do want to check me out as I'm having a small vision problem with the headache. I'm sure it will go away.. it better!!

anywho not feeling up to par to do a canvas I worked in my Journal and created this spread. I used my Cricut to cut the key out and a lot of rubons. I'm really into rubons after taking a workshop from Christy Tomlinson. I'm hoping to take her Christmas workshop and get some presents done if I'm up to it.

I'm joining Create Every Day.

Head on over there and see some fabulous artists.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Enjoy the Moment

A good friend that is back in my life reminded me of a time we had on one of our Road Trips. I had gotten out of the car to do something.oh yeah now I remember. There was a Tortoise crossing the road and we wanted to put it back on the side of the road so it wouldn't get hit by a car. coming back to the car a butterfly just about landed on my finger and I moved my finger around with it. It followed my finger. It looked Like I was dancing with the butterfly. To Terri and myself it was magic! The rest of that day was beautiful and we ended up in a Bed and Breakfast in Bisbee, Arizona. Tired and full of a fabulous day. When she reminded me of this day in an email the other day it just brought tears to my eyes. How many wonderful days we had... and how our lives had changed so much. Hers because of both her daughter and son passing  from horrible circumstances and me because of a motorcycle accident... But we sure did dance with the Butterflies that day!!  

I'm joining "Create Every Day"..

Head on over there and see some fabulous work.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scrapping Again

Last night a good friend of mine came over and she wanted to scrap her new grandbaby. I haven't scrapped in like forever. So busy doing mixed media pieces, Art Journaling and my gals. Well we pulled out this fantastic Fall paper from Bo Bunny and got to work over a bottle of wine. We had soooo much fun! She doesn't usually have time to do any artwork of any kind as she works a lot. But she was an art major in College. It sure shows. Everytime she does come over she creates something fabulous! Whether it's a card or now a scrapbook layout. She had not done a Layout in years and years and forgot how much fun it was. 

We put on some classical music, drank some wine and ate these wonderful black forest with cream cheese topping cupcakes.What more could a gal want! LOL

I was doing okay with mine until my legs started to hurt real bad. Even though I'm back in the wheelchair my legs are giving me fits. but anyways this is what I came up with. I only have a few more layouts to do of my Nephews Wedding and I can ship it out to them for Christmas.

As an afterthought I added the painted circles and some rubons. Just have to do mixed media anymore! LOL

I'm joining Create Every Day.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is it Christmas Yet?

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Where in the world did this year go to?

We are making plans for Christmas already!! Nothing big but my hubby and I turn into 2 year olds when it comes to Christmas. I've got my list going and so does he. It's brought about a truce between us talking about Christmas and what we are going to do this year. 
I've got a huge wish list going at Dick Blick and Amazon. He wants some voice recognition program for when he is writing. We have a little bit saved so far but this year has gone so fast I know we don't have nearly enough for our lists. That's okay I just want some peace in this household.. wellllll and maybe the stuff from Dick Blick. LOL

I created this piece and called her Serenity Returns.. She is for sale in my Etsy shop..

I will be creating prints real soon. A few of you have asked about that.

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.

Head on over there and see some Fabulous Creations.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Haired Ladies

I have done another project for this workshop I'm taking with Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson.. We were to do these Big Haired Ladies.. An exercise in letting go with your painting.. No fearing to just blob on the paint without control... I had a ball creating her and filling her hair in with all the circles, buttons, clocks and what ever else I could find in my stash. Since taking this workshop I have found so much stuff I had forgotton I even had. Usually I use the same old things, same ole stamps and same old embellishments. I don't look farther then my nose as they say. LOL  well after rummaging through all my drawers and shelves I have soooo much inspiration to use it all!! In my paintings and art journaling and even in my card making... I have soooo much!! Boy am I grateful for this studio full of stuff! I'm a hoarder. I can't get rid of a thing.. I think to myself "Well maybe someday"  I think someday has come for a lot of it. I plan to get off my ARSE when doing a piece and see what I can find that I haven't used in years. or bought, put away and forgot about. LOL

I painted, stamped, stapled, stitched and painted some more in this piece.
I can not tell you how much fun it was to just let go and not have a plan other then
create a Big Haired Girl. LOL

I'm joining Create Every Day as I have taken the challenge to do something in my studio 
every day for the whole month of November..

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Middle of the night Madness

I've been creating in the middle of the night. I haven't really had any sleep for about a week now. I grab an hour here and there. Why? well my hubby is very ill and I have to tend to him, the nine fur babies need to be taken care of and I'm in horrible pain in my legs... I'm whining away today aren't I. LOL  I should be qualifying for a wheel chair soon and that will help the leg problem. Even though I have problems up the ying yang I still feel the need to create. As I had mentioned in a previous post it's my therapy. My connection to God and all things spiritual.

 I am in this fabulous Workshop run by Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson. I come upstairs to my studio about midnight and work until 7 or 8 in the morning .. Watching the videos and working on the projects. This particular project taught by Christy had me in tears this morning. She spoke about how she needed Courage for a particular problem she had gone through.. If there is anything I need right now is exactly that. The Courage to go on!! The courage to make a major decision in my life and the courage to keep my faith how little it is right now in all the adversity I'm going through.. I won't bore you with all the details but it isn't pretty. 

so anywho here is the project that I finished about 7 this morning. 

This Quote I found is so meaningful to me. That's how I feel like I'm holding on by the skin of my teeth.
Like that Cat hanging from the tree from his claws... I feel that I'm going to fall but each day I hold on for one more  minute, one more day.. Where I'm getting the Courage I don't know. I'm just afraid that soon if I don't get some relief I might let go. 

I created this on an 8x10 mat board using Acrylics, Designer Paper, Stamps, Rub on and Alcohol Inks

I'm involved in the Challenge "Create Everyday" so this is today's entry. I did have one for yesterday but was way to tired to climb the stairs to my studio .. I will post it tomorrow. 

I'm also joining Paint Party Friday this week..

Head on over to both blogs to see some fabulous work.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Create Every Day Challenge

I'm going to try to do the "Create Every Day" Challenge... Over at Leah Kolidas's Blog... So every day this month rain or shine I'm going to create something.. Ya think? LOL  I have the intentions of doing this.. Let's see if I can complete it! LOL

For my first piece I did a project for the workshop I'm in run by Christy Tomlinson and Junelle Jacobsen. Both fabulous Mixed Media Artists I adore!

We had to do a piece about Home and Houses.. I created this piece on 16x20 mixed media poster board... I love working big!

I used for the background Dylusion Inks, stamps and the border is a Stencil and Modeling Paste.
I had a ball creating this piece! 

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