Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Card

I've decided to print out my Christmas Cards this year from one of my Paintings. I usually make all my cards but this year with all the pain I'm in and not being able to get to my studio for periods of time I figured it's the best way to go. I created this Whimsical Gal Skating and I think it would make a fabulous card. Tamara at Willowing had a Christmas Whimsy Workshop and I got into it creating this piece. So I got out my card making program and worked up a little card. I just have to get the paper to print them on and I'm all done! Let's hope I don't run out of ink! LOL

I'm joining "Create Every Day" though I haven't actually been doing that. It's just so hard to climb the steps to my studio. I push myself though not giving into being in the wheelchair all the time. It gets so hard some days not to just give up. Okay I'm whining! LOL 

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  1. I think this will make a very cute and original Christmas card-super idea!!

  2. What a lovely painting! And a great card als well!

  3. Love it! This is a wonderful image for a card.
    I'm sorry about the pain. It inspires that you keep pushing yourself despite the challenges.

  4. Oh how cool, you'll have very lovely Christmas cards!

  5. Gorgeous paintings and perfect for Christmas Cards!!! I think this is a wonderful idea, especially with everything you have been through lately. Lucky recipients!

  6. this painting will make a fantastic Christmas card - it looks amazing and anyone who receives is a very lucky person !!! Personally I would frame it and have it on show all year if I got one !!! hugs to you and hope you are up to creating more again very very soon xoxo


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