Sunday, April 28, 2013

On Abstract Art

I'm taking a workshop that Julie Prichard is doing on Abstract Art. It is called 8 Great Paintings..I really was surprised at how much I like it! The freedom of not have a sketch to follow or being really controlled in what your painting is so foreign to me since I am such a control freak!! But I found it very freeing and sooo much fun!! There is a lot of blending you do with your paints that I really enjoyed so far.. So much your arm get's very tired.. LOL  The workshop is done very well with Julie showing different techniques as she does 8 paintings. I am really enjoying this workshop..

 Also strange to me is not working with a lot of color.. I'm a color freak too! LOL  Using browns, black and gray is also freeing to me.Or just two or three colors. I don't have to grab my color wheel all the time.. decide my palette and think! LOL  I am just putting various shades and tones of the same color.. How much fun.. I didn't think I would enjoy that but it seems this is a different side of me. Who knew? LOL

Here are three pieces I have finished so far.. I like the last one the best..

My Camera did a lousy job of showing different values.. There are big differences it didn't pick up.. I wonder what setting I need..

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.. Check out this fabulous blog and see some wonderful artwork.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Altered Clock

I've been doing my Arting a little different lately. I want to mix it up more. Not do just Cutsey Gals or just do Portraits. So I've been doing like a round robin.. with an I and not me with a Y. LOL

I want to start my week by altering something, them doing a Scrapbook Layout, then maybe an Art Journal Spread and then I'll work on one of my Gals. I don't want to get out of practice but I sure want to do all sorts of Artwork. That's me for right now. Who knows next month I might be so involved with doing gals again.  I'm like the wind these days I change for no reason. I also want to carve some more stamps. I relax a lot when I'm doing that and I have to relax. Why? because I found out my heart is enlarged and I have something heart failure. I'm not even sure what's going on at all. I took a cardiogram the other day but they don't have the results back yet. I have hardly ever been a sicky but lately I'm sick so much... It has to be stress and my attitude.. Also smoking cigarettes but that's another story all together.  Yes I'm under a lot of stress again with my husband. He came home from Rehab full of enthusiasm to stay straight and decided he didn't want after all to be a junkie when he grew up. Yeah I let him back in the house. After 13 years I thought maybe I could save the marriage. He did real well for three months and then has started to back slide. I went through a couple of real stressful weeks. He seems to be back on track again but my eyes are wide open and I am not going to fool myself to think all is well. Then in the middle of that I had all my teeth pulled. I can not tell you what a life changing event this has been. I'm quite upset over this. I look like an old woman now.. When I hit 61 I didn't feel it at all. I didn't feel way passed 40.. but now when I look in the mirror, if I look in the mirror I see a stranger totally! and the pain is just what I needed to to along with my back and leg pain.... yeah I'm being sarcastic!! LOL  I get dentures in about 6 weeks.. Joy of joys having something foreign in my mouth all the time.. yeah I'm being sarcastic again!! ROFL!! I have to laugh or I'll start to cry and never stop.. I don't feel sorry for myself having to be in a wheel chair but I am going through a depression of sorts about this heart thing and my teeth.. 2013 sure is a year for changes for me. so what has this got to do with my arting... My art is everything to me.. If it wasn't for art I wouldn't make it.. It's my therapy.. For about a week I couldn't even get in my studio to look at my work I was so depressed but now I threw off that funk and am back to doing some work.. Little by little by doing my art I'm feeling a bit better.. Or at least when I'm in my studio I feel better. Then I have to leave and go back to reality which really sucks right now. So many people have it way worse then me.... I have to really think of that and find gratitude when I can. I'm just whining anywho. 

anywho again here is an Altered Tim Holtz Clock I did this passed Sunday.. I really got lost in my artwork when I was making this.. Hours went by when I wasn't at my Pity Party.. and that felt good..

Can you see the girl inside .. I used paper by Graphics 45. "The Secret Garden".. Beautiful Paper.. 

I gessod the piece with two layers of Gesso and then added the paint.. did some stamping.. The I added the flowers inside the clock. what a chore that was to get them to the edge, not on the glass and standing up.. I got hot glue all over me.. Owie is right!!

I topped it off with the frame and the chipboard piece with a little bow.. cute huh? LOL

Like I said I left my Pity Party for awhile and had a blast doing this piece..

so sorry you had to read about my woes but it does me good to 
talk about they say.. who's they? I aint got a clue! LOL

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting away from cutsey

I'm working on another cutsey piece and all of a sudden I didn't want to do it. I was tired of the cutsey. I grabbed my Journal and worked this Art Journal Spread up.  It felt good to just go with it.

The Gal and Bird are watercolor crayons
and the background is

Acrylics and Inks

Now I can go back to my cutsey piece. LOL

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Hiding Place

I named one of my newest piece "My Hiding Place" because so many times when life is at it's hardest I like to just Fantasize a beautiful place to be.. Anywhere then where I'm at going through so many changes.. I will sit or lay in my bed and just go to this Fantasy place for awhile and then life seems better once I've gone their. 

This is one of my places. Under the sea with all the beautiful colors and the tranquility of the water rushing over me. It's like have you ever been in the bath tub and went all the way under the water. It's so peaceful and tranquil.. Just for a few moments you have such peace and quiet even in your own head. LOL

This piece is done on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper and is all Watercolor.. Oh yeah with a tad bit of Glitter paint on her tail that you can't see. LOL

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week ... If you want to see some fantastic Artwork head on over there.

For those of you that have said some prayers and well wishes for me having all my teeth pulled. Thank you so much... The swelling has gone down now and I have a few bruises on my face left. My gums hurt like hell still.. I have to wait five more weeks to get the dentures. I tell ya I'm craving Taco's.. Something crunchy!! LOL  I am losing some weight though so that's on the plus side...

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Getting My Teeth Pulled

Last Wednesday I got all my teeth pulled.. It was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. I woke to run my tongue around my mouth and there was NO TEETH!! It was shock from the very start!!... In the Wee hours Thursday I awoke to find I was swollen like a football.. With Pink Blotches.. I called the Emergency Doctor and he said this was to be expected... That morning I spoke with my Surgeon and he was concerned that my throat would close up.. He told me to go straight to the hospital if this even tried to happen.. Well it's about four days later and I'm still pretty swollen.. The pink blotches turned to an ugly purple and yellow.. My eyes are kind of purple and closed.. It is the worst experience I have had.. I have to wait 6 weeks to get dentures.. and that is going to be a trial for sure!! something foreign in my mouth... If I had only listened to my Mother when I was a young adult... How many times have I said that "If I had only listened to my Mother"... LOL  I had a phobia all my life of dentists and this is the outcome.. If only I had to do it over again I sure would have taken care of them.. but what's that about hindsight.. I sure am paying for it now... I told my hubby I look like a monster!! I'm very depressed about it all. I guess I have to keep my eye on the prize and know that down the road I will look okay again..

anywho to keep my mind off of this I joined Effy Wild in her Workshop "Sweetlings".. That is what she calls her Mixed Media Art Dolls... I had a ball in this workshop creating this piece.. And it did the job of keeping my mind off of my problems for awhile..

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