Thursday, April 25, 2013

Altered Clock

I've been doing my Arting a little different lately. I want to mix it up more. Not do just Cutsey Gals or just do Portraits. So I've been doing like a round robin.. with an I and not me with a Y. LOL

I want to start my week by altering something, them doing a Scrapbook Layout, then maybe an Art Journal Spread and then I'll work on one of my Gals. I don't want to get out of practice but I sure want to do all sorts of Artwork. That's me for right now. Who knows next month I might be so involved with doing gals again.  I'm like the wind these days I change for no reason. I also want to carve some more stamps. I relax a lot when I'm doing that and I have to relax. Why? because I found out my heart is enlarged and I have something heart failure. I'm not even sure what's going on at all. I took a cardiogram the other day but they don't have the results back yet. I have hardly ever been a sicky but lately I'm sick so much... It has to be stress and my attitude.. Also smoking cigarettes but that's another story all together.  Yes I'm under a lot of stress again with my husband. He came home from Rehab full of enthusiasm to stay straight and decided he didn't want after all to be a junkie when he grew up. Yeah I let him back in the house. After 13 years I thought maybe I could save the marriage. He did real well for three months and then has started to back slide. I went through a couple of real stressful weeks. He seems to be back on track again but my eyes are wide open and I am not going to fool myself to think all is well. Then in the middle of that I had all my teeth pulled. I can not tell you what a life changing event this has been. I'm quite upset over this. I look like an old woman now.. When I hit 61 I didn't feel it at all. I didn't feel way passed 40.. but now when I look in the mirror, if I look in the mirror I see a stranger totally! and the pain is just what I needed to to along with my back and leg pain.... yeah I'm being sarcastic!! LOL  I get dentures in about 6 weeks.. Joy of joys having something foreign in my mouth all the time.. yeah I'm being sarcastic again!! ROFL!! I have to laugh or I'll start to cry and never stop.. I don't feel sorry for myself having to be in a wheel chair but I am going through a depression of sorts about this heart thing and my teeth.. 2013 sure is a year for changes for me. so what has this got to do with my arting... My art is everything to me.. If it wasn't for art I wouldn't make it.. It's my therapy.. For about a week I couldn't even get in my studio to look at my work I was so depressed but now I threw off that funk and am back to doing some work.. Little by little by doing my art I'm feeling a bit better.. Or at least when I'm in my studio I feel better. Then I have to leave and go back to reality which really sucks right now. So many people have it way worse then me.... I have to really think of that and find gratitude when I can. I'm just whining anywho. 

anywho again here is an Altered Tim Holtz Clock I did this passed Sunday.. I really got lost in my artwork when I was making this.. Hours went by when I wasn't at my Pity Party.. and that felt good..

Can you see the girl inside .. I used paper by Graphics 45. "The Secret Garden".. Beautiful Paper.. 

I gessod the piece with two layers of Gesso and then added the paint.. did some stamping.. The I added the flowers inside the clock. what a chore that was to get them to the edge, not on the glass and standing up.. I got hot glue all over me.. Owie is right!!

I topped it off with the frame and the chipboard piece with a little bow.. cute huh? LOL

Like I said I left my Pity Party for awhile and had a blast doing this piece..

so sorry you had to read about my woes but it does me good to 
talk about they say.. who's they? I aint got a clue! LOL

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by..

Robyn the Terrible

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