Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Getting My Teeth Pulled

Last Wednesday I got all my teeth pulled.. It was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. I woke to run my tongue around my mouth and there was NO TEETH!! It was shock from the very start!!... In the Wee hours Thursday I awoke to find I was swollen like a football.. With Pink Blotches.. I called the Emergency Doctor and he said this was to be expected... That morning I spoke with my Surgeon and he was concerned that my throat would close up.. He told me to go straight to the hospital if this even tried to happen.. Well it's about four days later and I'm still pretty swollen.. The pink blotches turned to an ugly purple and yellow.. My eyes are kind of purple and closed.. It is the worst experience I have had.. I have to wait 6 weeks to get dentures.. and that is going to be a trial for sure!! something foreign in my mouth... If I had only listened to my Mother when I was a young adult... How many times have I said that "If I had only listened to my Mother"... LOL  I had a phobia all my life of dentists and this is the outcome.. If only I had to do it over again I sure would have taken care of them.. but what's that about hindsight.. I sure am paying for it now... I told my hubby I look like a monster!! I'm very depressed about it all. I guess I have to keep my eye on the prize and know that down the road I will look okay again..

anywho to keep my mind off of this I joined Effy Wild in her Workshop "Sweetlings".. That is what she calls her Mixed Media Art Dolls... I had a ball in this workshop creating this piece.. And it did the job of keeping my mind off of my problems for awhile..

I'm Joining Paint Party Friday..

Head on over there to see some fabulous work by some great Artists..

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  1. Aww.. that sounds rough! I hope the transition go es well and you get used to them quickly.

  2. Such a cute little gal, and sweet sentiment in the text. Hope you are feeling better soon! happy PPF! (amazed you could paint while so uncomfortable!)

  3. Oh such a lovely journal piece. :-)
    Your experience sounds horrible and totally drastic !!! Can't imagine why anyone would elect to do that. My Mother did the same thing when she was 21 !!!!! Unbelievable. !
    I hope you heal quickly and without problem.
    IKE xx

  4. Look -something good came out of something bad! This is a cute piece!! I'm glad you were able to focus on doing something you love while in pain! Hang in there. XOX


    would be fine to see you once this year on our monthly Challengeblog for Art Journalers over on:

    Susi from Austria

  6. Loving your gorgeous pages. You poor girl having to go through all that with your teeth, hope the bruising settles down soon and you get your new teeth asap. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Adorable painting....I'm sure you'll look beautiful with the new smile!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Ouchy! I had a bad experience having my wisdom teeth pulled in hospital, I think it sounds horrendous to have to have them all pulled, poor you!

    Nice page though.

    Cazzy x

  9. I love your work!
    hope you are feeling less swollen now
    Debbi x


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