Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wyanne's Way

I'm being coached by a wonderful and talented Artist by the name of Wyanne Thompson.. Here is her Website.. So far I have taken three of her workshops and each one taught me soooo much!! In her workshop Watercolors Wyanne's Way I was taught wet on wet watercolor painting. I have been practicing this technique and in my newest piece I think I've got the hang of it... I used this technique in my background and on the birds.

I love how the birds came out.. Normally I would have used my neo color crayons and 
painted then shaded them but using a wet on wet technique I feel makes them come alive!!

This Piece is called "Listen to your Heart" and will be for sale in my Etsy Shop soon. I have to finish it with Beeswax yet. 

It's a small piece only 8x10 on Mixed Media Board..
You can easily frame it.

If anyone is interested before hand please
email me at


Thank you all for stopping by



  1. I love this new painting! Gorgeous work Robyn. C x

  2. This is just marvelous! Beautiful birds, I love her big eyes....wonderful!

  3. Beautiful Robyn!! Love the colors, love her face, love the birds...love it all!! Great job...


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