Friday, September 27, 2013

Boy am I lazy!

I sure am Lazy these days.. Just thinking of Blogging I start to yawn and do something else.. I really would like to blog, I want to blog but I'm just plain Lazy! LOL  I'm going to try though.. Starting today..

Here is a Bouquet of Flowers I just completed.. The pattern is by Mary Kingslan Jabilisco.. Check out her sight.. She sells oil paints called Genesis.. I'm really into these lately.. The way they dry is you take your heat gun to them or bake them in the oven.. voila!! a Dry Canvas!! No waiting forever like traditional oils. 

I also completed this week this still life by Mary..

I love painting Glass now. You can not believe how easy it is once you get the illusion going.. LOL

Well everyone have a great weekend. I'm going to go play at Paint Party Friday for a change on Friday.. Head over there to see some fabulous Artists's work..


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Young Mother

I created my first nude painting.. Though very soft and feminine you can see the starts of a pooched belly from carrying a child.. I never could have children and in the work I'm doing with Effy Wild in Moonshine Mother it came out with my clustering and free writing.. The hurt will always be there within me .. It's way down there now that I'm in my 60's but still ever present..

I'm joining Paint Party Friday.. Check out all the fab artists over there.!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dedicated to Stacey

This Portrait is of my Niece Stacey.. not even sure it looks like her but I thought of her every step of the way while I was creating this.. Stacey just went into remission for Breast Cancer. She lost both of her breasts, her hair but not her dignity. I was so proud of her.. Then she just found out that the cancer had spread and she now has Liver Cancer. How strong is she suppose to be? My God she just went through hell!! She was going into New York City last I heard to consult doctors in a big Cancer Medical Center. I'm waiting to hear the news.. I just feel so broken hearted for her.. She fought so hard against the breast cancer and now this. Well she is a fighter.. I know!! and she will beat this for sure!! From my heart to God's ears!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I call this portrait Summer... She is all dressed in her Summer Finest..   Maybe going out to watch some Polo.. LOL 

 I'm so behind in the 29 Faces Challenge.. oh well I got another one going maybe just maybe I'll finish it today..


I'm joining Paint Party Friday besides 29 Faces.. I'm late for that also.. ROFL!! I'm always late!

Robyninski the 927th.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

for a swap

This piece I created is for a swap in a Yahoo Group I belong to.. I don't know why my camera does so much contrast.. The skin really blends quite well but in the picture it looks horrible.

any ole who here is my day 2 for 29 faces. I have to catch up..

Monday, September 2, 2013

29 Faces again

It's time for 29 Faces again. Am I going to participate you ask.. you betcha!! I hope I can meet the challenge as I'm so involved in learning oil painting now and of coarse there are all my other studies lately. but I'm going to try..

Here is Face #1.. it's a cheat as I did this at the end of August. I'm actually working on a gal as we type..

This is titled "Off to Paris".. The Background was done with Tissue Paper from 7 Gypsys which is all French sayings, words and other stuffs. I love to collage and then use paint, inks and everything else I can think of. I also included a little crochet flower that was a gift to me from my friend Melody. She is a fab Crocheter and sent me a bunch of them.. 

Well I hope I do my link right for the 29 Faces Challenge. It always confuddles me. LOL

Hope you enjoy the challenge if you going around and checking out all the wonderful artists who participate.

Robyninski the 927th.

A Still Life

I've been creating a lot of Still Lifes lately and a few Landscapes.. I just got into using Genesis Oil Paints. I love them!! They won't dry until you heat set them.. I can just leave my work table and come back three hours later and just pick up where I left off... I love that style of painting... On the other hand I did this one Landscape painting using Traditions Acrylics and used the Direct Method of painting and sat for 8 hours working wet on wet and having the problem of the drying time as the air conditioner in my Studio is very strong and dries everything way too fast.. but I do love my Acrylics too.... I guess I'm just a all over the place artist!! LOL  I do these Still Lifes and Landscapes in between creating "My Gals"...

Here is the Still Life I just Completed and the Landscape I complete a few days ago. Both two totally different methods of painting. 

Do you know which style you like best? Let me know I'd be interested in hearing opinions. 

Working with Oils or Working with Acrylics with short Open Time.

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.. always a little late. LOL