Monday, September 2, 2013

A Still Life

I've been creating a lot of Still Lifes lately and a few Landscapes.. I just got into using Genesis Oil Paints. I love them!! They won't dry until you heat set them.. I can just leave my work table and come back three hours later and just pick up where I left off... I love that style of painting... On the other hand I did this one Landscape painting using Traditions Acrylics and used the Direct Method of painting and sat for 8 hours working wet on wet and having the problem of the drying time as the air conditioner in my Studio is very strong and dries everything way too fast.. but I do love my Acrylics too.... I guess I'm just a all over the place artist!! LOL  I do these Still Lifes and Landscapes in between creating "My Gals"...

Here is the Still Life I just Completed and the Landscape I complete a few days ago. Both two totally different methods of painting. 

Do you know which style you like best? Let me know I'd be interested in hearing opinions. 

Working with Oils or Working with Acrylics with short Open Time.

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.. always a little late. LOL



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