Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dedicated to Stacey

This Portrait is of my Niece Stacey.. not even sure it looks like her but I thought of her every step of the way while I was creating this.. Stacey just went into remission for Breast Cancer. She lost both of her breasts, her hair but not her dignity. I was so proud of her.. Then she just found out that the cancer had spread and she now has Liver Cancer. How strong is she suppose to be? My God she just went through hell!! She was going into New York City last I heard to consult doctors in a big Cancer Medical Center. I'm waiting to hear the news.. I just feel so broken hearted for her.. She fought so hard against the breast cancer and now this. Well she is a fighter.. I know!! and she will beat this for sure!! From my heart to God's ears!!

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