Friday, September 27, 2013

Boy am I lazy!

I sure am Lazy these days.. Just thinking of Blogging I start to yawn and do something else.. I really would like to blog, I want to blog but I'm just plain Lazy! LOL  I'm going to try though.. Starting today..

Here is a Bouquet of Flowers I just completed.. The pattern is by Mary Kingslan Jabilisco.. Check out her sight.. She sells oil paints called Genesis.. I'm really into these lately.. The way they dry is you take your heat gun to them or bake them in the oven.. voila!! a Dry Canvas!! No waiting forever like traditional oils. 

I also completed this week this still life by Mary..

I love painting Glass now. You can not believe how easy it is once you get the illusion going.. LOL

Well everyone have a great weekend. I'm going to go play at Paint Party Friday for a change on Friday.. Head over there to see some fabulous Artists's work..



  1. Wow! your paintings are beautiful and so life like!

  2. paintings full of sweetness. thank you for sharing

  3. pretty work - sometimes it is really hard to blog - i keep a little list of short subjects near the computer - in case i get the yawns. Happy PPF

  4. Wow, gorgeous!! Love the glass in your still life :)

  5. Lovely, lovely sure can paint a wide variety of styles. Great job!

  6. beautiful! i have that blogging problem too...after almost 6 years, it gets challenging to think of things! happy PPF


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