Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wyanne's Way

I'm being coached by a wonderful and talented Artist by the name of Wyanne Thompson.. Here is her Website.. So far I have taken three of her workshops and each one taught me soooo much!! In her workshop Watercolors Wyanne's Way I was taught wet on wet watercolor painting. I have been practicing this technique and in my newest piece I think I've got the hang of it... I used this technique in my background and on the birds.

I love how the birds came out.. Normally I would have used my neo color crayons and 
painted then shaded them but using a wet on wet technique I feel makes them come alive!!

This Piece is called "Listen to your Heart" and will be for sale in my Etsy Shop soon. I have to finish it with Beeswax yet. 

It's a small piece only 8x10 on Mixed Media Board..
You can easily frame it.

If anyone is interested before hand please
email me at


Thank you all for stopping by


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winner of my Auction Piece

Wow thanks for a wonderful Auction everyone.. The winner of my Auction Piece is Wendy P..  Wendy once you have given your donation to which charity you choose from the list I posted just send me confirmation of that and I will send this Painting to you. Please email me at 


with your address..

Congratulations Wendy!!

Thanks everyone for participating .. It's such a worthy Cause..


Friday, March 15, 2013

Special Auction Today!! My Piece - In my Garden - The Thread of Love

In my Garden - The Thread of Love - Mixed Media on Canvas
size - 11x14 inches

I am so Happy to welcome you to my auction

 to Benefit the Sandy Hook Elementary School!


On December 14th, 2012, tragedy struck as 20

 innocent children and 6 brave adults lost their lives in the second deadliest shooting in American history...


Even though we are in March now I think about this tragedy almost every day. This has impacted me very much. To Think of what is going on in our Society today.

There is sooo much
 Hate today
beyond Hate is Anger
and Beyond Anger is

So many people are just in Survival Mode today
Some get so frustrated and full of Anxiety
they strike out in an Evil Way...

Many people today are just out for their own selves
They only see what will make them

Happy, richer, more satiated with Things to give them pleasure..

More, more, more!!

We have forgotten how to give to others. The good feeling that brings can really
outweigh many of our frustrations at times..

 what can we do to correct this in our World Today?

I have always believed in what I call

 "The Thread of Love"

When we as Good Human Beings can extend our hand to others in time of want and need..
Not just on a certain day or Christmas or when we are told to
But Everyday!
It doesn't have to be a big huge thing that we must do
Just a small gesture can be enough to pass on
"The Thread of Love"
When one person does good for another and then this person does something good for another 
and so on and so forth
Passing it on
we are extending this 

Thread of Love

Love is so strong it can overcome every obstacle I believe
It can overcome Evil
Though at times it might be very trying 
If we all can do a good thing for one person every day
we send out Energy of Love
It might be a friend, a stranger, a neighbor, a sibling or a family member
It Doesn't matter
Just so the positive Energy is flowing.

That I believe is the only way we are going to turn our world around

Can you just imagine if so many of us in this world would practice this Daily!
What Good Positive Energy would flow throughout the Universe!!

Okay I'll get off my Soapbox now. LOL


How to bid:

1. Place a bid (with a way to reach you) in the comments section below.

2. Bookmark this page so that you can easily check back to see if you've been outbid 

(and need to make another bid).

3. If you are the winning bid, I will contact you.

4. Payment will be made from you to a Sandy Hook Elementary charity (see below).

*I will not personally be collecting any money.*

5. Once you have made your donation to the Sandy Hook Elementary charity, you will send your proof of donation (a forwarded receipt) to me at: 


6. After I have received your proof of donation (and you have given me your full name and address), I will mail your painting out to you! 

As you make your bids, please keep in mind that all proceeds go to a worthy cause...

Happy Bidding!

Sandy Hook Elementary Charities where donations can be made:

All proceeds from this painting will go directly to a

 Sandy Hook Elementary Charity.

About the Painting..

This piece was created on Canvas

I used many different Mediums

Acrylic Paint, Watercolor Paints, Designer Paper, Inks ,Distress Stickles and Liquid Pearls
It is finished with a Faux Beeswax and ready to hang or be framed.

I have signed and Dated the Piece.

I was inspired to paint this Piece wanting to depict my 

"Thread of Love"

by portraying a  Garden that grows when Watered and Nourished.


Auction Details:
This auction will run from Friday March 15th, 2013 until 

Monday March 18th, 2013 at 11:59 pm EDT.

(I am in Indiana, to find out what time that is where you are click here.)

Shipping (anywhere worldwide) is free. 

(If painting is shipped internationally, shipping is still free BUT 
the buyer is responsible for any duty/taxes/etc.)


Have fun at this Auction this Weekend

Remember we all need to practice

"The Thread of Love"


Monday, March 11, 2013

Swaps over at OWSE

We have a few swaps going on now over at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium's Yahoo Group.. Amberlee is giving me some help with the swaps and Cindi is doing the ATC Swap.. So their is loads to do at OWSE now besides our regular Monthly Challenges where you can win prizes.. Wooohoo!! we are really keeping the members hopping!! LOL

Here is my piece for the Arch Swap this month.. We are swapping all year these arches with all different themes and then we are going to put together a mini album.. How fun!!

 It's so cool to see everyone's artwork and even have a collection of all the wonderful Artwork our members do.  

If you aren't familiar with OWSE it's our Emporium for all different types of Crafts and Art Supplies.. Stamps, designers, paper, Tim Holtz Products, just anything you could want or need. LOL  Our Motto is "Never buy Retail again" .. Our normal prices are 20-25% under Retail and when we have sales we are practically giving the products away!! Nah j/k but the sales are really Gonga's!! LOL  

You have to be a member of OWSE to view the prices and shop.. Everyone is invited to join and there are no fees.. Head on over if you want. Here.. And check out the Emporium - Here..

We will go back now to our regular scheduled program

I joined Paint Party Friday for last Friday..  A bit late I'd say. LOL


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter is coming!

Do you believe Easter is almost here!! OMG it was just Christmas!! in fact it snowed last night here in Indianapolis... 

To get in the mood I created this piece using Tim Holtz's Easter Bunny Die.. He gives instructions for this on his blog this month..

I didn't have the die for the grass so I created it myself..
How fun was that! LOL

Isn't this a cutie patootie!! LOL  

Hey, Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Changing Water to Wine

No this isn't a Sermon and it's not about Changing Water to Wine either. It's about changing a steel rule die into a Stamp and creating a Flower out of Tissue Paper.. but I got your interest didn't I? LOL

I entered Tim Holtz's Challenge to use his Tattered Floral Die.. It didn't matter how you used it you just had to use it in something.. Some people added it to gift bags, some made tags, some even made ornaments for the hair.. 

I decided to make a Stamp out of the die.. I got some Fun Foam and it was way too thin so I used my tape dispenser and taped about 4 pieces together. Then I used the die and cut out the flowers. My Vagabond cut them like butter. Once cut I attached them each to a piece of real stiff plastic. I got this off of what Tim Holtz puts his stamps on when you buy them. I cut each piece of plastic about a quarter inch around bigger then my foam stamp.

I found this wonderful little book I had in my stash for years.. It had a place to put a picture.. I put my Saying their.

I first put some Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas onto the whole little book.. Front and insides. Then I put a layer of Gesso on it. Once dried I set out to stamp with my new stamps.. I don't have the new Paint from Tim Holtz so I tried to match up his colors by mixing my own. That's my next purchase. LOL

After I stamped on the inside I then did the outside.. I planned to paint a little painting on the inside but didn't know what to do on the front..... Then I got out some tissue paper and once again used the Tattered Floral Die and made some tissue flowers. Three of them.. I added 2 to the front and one inside..

The brads for the flowers I had fun with by putting some Liquid Scrap Dots on them and then dipping the head of the brad into Glitter. Cool Brads!!

I then did my little painting of the two Owls and printed out my saying "Owl Always Luv You"..

What a fun time I had doing this project.