Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grungy Monday

wow a whole week has gone by since I posted to my blog. We have moved and now the real work has started. Unpacking!! My new/old house is wall to wall boxes and we have been working all weekend on it. My studio is basically unpacked but three boxes are missing. My Albums, My Blank Canvas's and my Done Projects for Swaps. My DH (duh Hubby) most likely put them in the garage with a thousand other boxes and I'll find them at Christmas. I have to find the projects that are finished for Yahoo Group swaps or I'm in deep doo doo.

anywho I worked on this Tag for Grungy Monday as I was taking a break yesterday.. I'm not sure if I like how it came out. It's quite dark and not Shabby Chic at all as the technique from Tim Holtz calls for. Speaking about Tim, check out his blog for some fabulous techniques and what's up and coming from him..

so anywho again as I said about (look above) this tag is for Studio L3 Grungy Monday..

I used Three Dabbers one blue and two browns but the brown kind of over took the poor blue.

I also used a different kind of clear embossing powder. It's for deep etching.
It has a little bit of bling on it when you emboss with it..

and I used my small rosette die again from Tim Holz
cut them in half to make like an old fashioned banner..

This was a new technique to me and it was a lot of fun to do..
Hey!! Thanks for looking

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grungy Monday and I'm all Packed

I'm all packed in my Crafts room to go to the new/old house. I did it last night but then I went to Studio L3 and saw the Grungy Monday Challenge and I had to play! LOL I had few supplies I could use. One safety pin I found on my desk, the inks and a bit of paper left over from some other project. One file folder and My Stamps which aren't packed yet either. I put this together with the supplies.

I guess I better finish packing for the new/old house before I drag everything
out again. ROFL

ohhh before I forget the Techniques done and all Techniques for Grungy Monday
are from Tim Holtz. Head on over to his fabulous Blog
and become a Timaholic Also.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Say Hot Bees Wax

I created this tag using Hot Bee's Wax.. I love using that medium now.. Until we move next week I'm kind of limited with it as so much of my supplies are already packed. Like my stylus and crayons but I managed to get this tag done with just the iron and ohhh yeah the frame and gal I heated up some Utee and dipped it into it. I'm still not having the greatest of luck with that technique but am trying.

I couldn't get that glare out of the picture so it kinda looks funny but it's not really there.

Thanks for looking

Friday, May 20, 2011

My New Rosette Dies

I wanted to try out my Rosette die I got about a week ago. They finally came in from our Distributor.. so I created this Canvas using them.. There are so many way you can use them and change them around. I just did it Timmy's way. I tell ya there not so easy to mush down to put them in the shape of the Rosette. One you get it it's fine but until I did I had a bit of a hard time.

Next time I think I will maybe use tokens or some other circle in the middle of them. I did put crackle paint on the button but you can't see it.

Hey! hey hey thanks for da looky

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Let them Eat Cake is what it says on My Tag.. Of coarse it's Marie on the tag.. This is the theme this week over at Jeanette's Soartful challenge blog... I did a lot of distressing on this tag. and a alot of glimmer mist over the dry embossing and the lace.. I created the tiny flowers following a tutorial by my Friend Penny Duncan. Thank you Penny.. Cut out the flower petals with my Cricut and painted with Perfect Pearls. .. Don't they look like the Prima flowers sort of. LOL

I also used Rub and Buff Gold to give it it's gold sheen on the Dry Embossing.

Hey!!! Thanks for Looking.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to Cards

I haven't created a card in a while so I thought I'd do one for a swap in this Yahoo Group I'm in.

Here is my card using Timmy's stamps. Mr. Tim Holtz! LOL

and yes I made the whimsical Flower. LOL

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

and I am a Material Girl

Over at Studio L3 they are having Grungy Monday once again and this time it's Timmy's Color Blocking Technique. Well as soon as I got done I was reminded of a Patchwork Quilt. I was going to do some sewing on this but the machine is packed and waiting to go over to the new/old house so anywho I took out my new Sewing Form Die and put a skirt on it. I don't sew well peoples so this is the best it gets!! LOL

This is my entry for Grungy Mondy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dollar Store Find

I went into the Dollar store the other day while my DH (DUH HUBBY) was buying some freon at Wally World.. I found small wooden boxes for a buck! Dollar store/get it!! So this morning I altered one and here is how it came out..

Not bad for a buck huh?

Heyyyyy Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Utee Again and our new Home

Hey Everyone I played with Utee again. I just love love love it.. This time I created an ATC card with the Theme Paris. It was suppose to be for a 1/1 swap but when I went to upload it to this group I'm in the instructions said to make a 3x5. Duh stupid ole me made an ATC.. Oh well it will go in my personal Collection..

After I created this I wanted to see what using "Molding Paste" was all about.

I did a 4x4 canvas and added some of the paste to it.

Then I inked over it once it dried. What beautiful texture it did.

It looks like mountains in the background

I created this 4x4 using Foam Stamps.

I love Foam Stamps. They are so easy to use.

This is for my new/old house I'm moving into.

My hubby and I over the last few years have moved a lot. I mean A LOT!! never really
getting to settle down. I'm hoping this is the last move we make.

I put Home in the right side but used a "Wander" token from Tim Holtz.

I feel like a Gypsy, always moving.

Maybe it's time to stop Wandering! Ya think?

It's a pretty simple 4x4. I just wanted to see how this Molding Paste did.

I'm going to put his up in the new/old house when we move in to remind me

that it's time we stopped moving so much.. LOL

oh Hey!! thanks for looking!

Robyninski the 143rd.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Altered Crayon Box

I altered this Crayon Box the other day to hold my crayons for my hot wax projects. Cool Huh?

Graduation for my Nephew

Matt my Nephew Graduated from College last Saturday. I couldn't make it over to Michigan because of this move we are doing . I soooo wanted to go. anywho I stole this picture off of his facebook.

This will be his last picture of his baby book I have to send to my Sister.
I was going to send it the other day but ah duh I packed it!! Good thing because now I have this LO to add to it. See there is a method to my madness. ROFL

Hey hey hey!! Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Grungy Monday!!

It's Grungy Monday and today we are doing a technique from Timmy created a faux wood appearance. It's done with Paint Dabbers and Distress Ink. The picture is so bad you can't hardly see it but it looks pretty cool..

The flowers were created using Perfect Pearls, you can't even see them shimmer in the photo

booo on the camera person! ohhhh that's me!!

Head on over to Studio L3 and see what the other Fabulous Artists have created!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Utee and Me

My first time working with Utee was today and I'm not sure about it. The jury is still out! In my melting pot I had no luck at all. I then used it to create this frame with and that was a success after the third try. I used embossing ink then covered it with Utee and embossed then covered it again after getting it hot again and embossed. Then got it hot again and with a stamp using Stazon Brown ink I stamped it and pressed hard. Then I had gold rub and buff and buffed it. The I put the brown ink on my finger and rubbed a very little bit. It came out looking really cool for someone not knowing what they were doing! LOL The frame was cardboard to begin with. LOL

I'm entering it in a challenge over at Soartful

Saturday, May 7, 2011

another Beeswax canvas

I played today with Beeswax again. The picture does it no justice. It's just glimmering with the perfect pearls and some Glimmer Mist in the background. Using glimmer mist with canvas I found tricky. I tried to get away without Gesso and found I needed it for the glimmer mist to look okay. I need to finish off the sides but some of the crackle accents are still drying. thats the shine you see in the lower left corner.

at the last moment I added the trim. LOL My Hubby says I can't stop once I start
No white space for me!! LOL

Hey! Thanks for looking..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Layouts I've Done

I did these Layouts and just haven't put them in Albums as yet. I'm not scrapping as much as I used to but need to finish off an album for my sister and one for my Nephew of his wedding.

Here are a few I have finished ..

Hey Thanks for Lookin!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Bookmark for my Mother In Law

I created this Bookmark for my MIL for Mother Day.. There is a story behind me creating a bookmark for her. She is going blind and used to love to read. We used to trade books regularly. The past two years she couldn't read a thing. Then recently she went to this doctor that did some tests on her eyes. He decided he can operate and she will regain back some of her sight.. with the help of magnifying she will be able to read again!! I am so happy for her I thought she would like a bookmark to mark the beginning of her being able to read again. Maybe now we can start trading books again.

our New/Old House

The gals over at OWSE want to see pictures of the New/Old House I am moving into come June 3rd. This house was built in 1865. It looks like an old school house. All Brick but the back end which is an add on. That is going to be my Studio when we are finished with it. We have to side it or paint it. Next spring probably.

Well here are the pictures. Voila!

The first is the back end of the house with the horrible decks. they are going and we
will build a nice deck.

This is a picture of the Canning House. We are going to preserve this.
We will put a new roof on it and fix the brick on the structure.
I might get back into Ceramics and get a kiln.
But that's down the road. way down! LOL

Here is the front view. See the Chimney.. it's going to be replace.

We need a roof like soon!!

I plan to sit on this porch alot!

It needs a good scrubbing down.

I have a glider swing that will go perfect here. Sit and glide , sit and glide.

Sounds so nice!

View of the backyard. It's 3 acres and leads to our new pond.

Dah Hubby is going to clean the pond, put some sand in so we can swim in it.
Probably next summer.

Side View

Side Porch - yes another part of the roof needs done and we sure do need
central air.

And the Driveway.. I love how big it is!

It's rough I know and needs so much work. but hey what else do we have
to do?

oh yeah crafting. Once my Studio is done I will spend loads of time in there..

Thanks for looking at my New/Old House