Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation for my Nephew

Matt my Nephew Graduated from College last Saturday. I couldn't make it over to Michigan because of this move we are doing . I soooo wanted to go. anywho I stole this picture off of his facebook.

This will be his last picture of his baby book I have to send to my Sister.
I was going to send it the other day but ah duh I packed it!! Good thing because now I have this LO to add to it. See there is a method to my madness. ROFL

Hey hey hey!! Thanks for looking!

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  1. That's a wonderful layout - love the background paper and the embellishments. How clever of you to grab his facebook photo! I'm just curious: does your sister know you've been making this baby book? If not, what an awesome surprise for her! And even if she does know about it, what a special gift.


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