Wednesday, May 4, 2011

our New/Old House

The gals over at OWSE want to see pictures of the New/Old House I am moving into come June 3rd. This house was built in 1865. It looks like an old school house. All Brick but the back end which is an add on. That is going to be my Studio when we are finished with it. We have to side it or paint it. Next spring probably.

Well here are the pictures. Voila!

The first is the back end of the house with the horrible decks. they are going and we
will build a nice deck.

This is a picture of the Canning House. We are going to preserve this.
We will put a new roof on it and fix the brick on the structure.
I might get back into Ceramics and get a kiln.
But that's down the road. way down! LOL

Here is the front view. See the Chimney.. it's going to be replace.

We need a roof like soon!!

I plan to sit on this porch alot!

It needs a good scrubbing down.

I have a glider swing that will go perfect here. Sit and glide , sit and glide.

Sounds so nice!

View of the backyard. It's 3 acres and leads to our new pond.

Dah Hubby is going to clean the pond, put some sand in so we can swim in it.
Probably next summer.

Side View

Side Porch - yes another part of the roof needs done and we sure do need
central air.

And the Driveway.. I love how big it is!

It's rough I know and needs so much work. but hey what else do we have
to do?

oh yeah crafting. Once my Studio is done I will spend loads of time in there..

Thanks for looking at my New/Old House


  1. love it, Robyn! I love old houses, they have so much character. It will be fun to work on the house and see it come to life and become your home. Congratulations.

  2. I just love it. Robyn I can't wait to see the inside when you have it done.


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