Saturday, May 14, 2011

Utee Again and our new Home

Hey Everyone I played with Utee again. I just love love love it.. This time I created an ATC card with the Theme Paris. It was suppose to be for a 1/1 swap but when I went to upload it to this group I'm in the instructions said to make a 3x5. Duh stupid ole me made an ATC.. Oh well it will go in my personal Collection..

After I created this I wanted to see what using "Molding Paste" was all about.

I did a 4x4 canvas and added some of the paste to it.

Then I inked over it once it dried. What beautiful texture it did.

It looks like mountains in the background

I created this 4x4 using Foam Stamps.

I love Foam Stamps. They are so easy to use.

This is for my new/old house I'm moving into.

My hubby and I over the last few years have moved a lot. I mean A LOT!! never really
getting to settle down. I'm hoping this is the last move we make.

I put Home in the right side but used a "Wander" token from Tim Holtz.

I feel like a Gypsy, always moving.

Maybe it's time to stop Wandering! Ya think?

It's a pretty simple 4x4. I just wanted to see how this Molding Paste did.

I'm going to put his up in the new/old house when we move in to remind me

that it's time we stopped moving so much.. LOL

oh Hey!! thanks for looking!

Robyninski the 143rd.


  1. Robyn, I love both of these. You are getting to be a pro with UTEE. The house canvas is perfect. The paste adds some really nice texture.
    Put it in a prominent place in your new home.

  2. Robyn, I love them. the ATC is awesome, and I'm sure you'll put your canvas in a great place in the new/old house.
    But this wonderful job does not surprise me.

  3. Robyn, great work on both pieces! The Paris ATC is stunning, love the background color. And, being a total sucker for little house-y things, I love love love your 4x4! I want that stencil!


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