Saturday, May 7, 2011

another Beeswax canvas

I played today with Beeswax again. The picture does it no justice. It's just glimmering with the perfect pearls and some Glimmer Mist in the background. Using glimmer mist with canvas I found tricky. I tried to get away without Gesso and found I needed it for the glimmer mist to look okay. I need to finish off the sides but some of the crackle accents are still drying. thats the shine you see in the lower left corner.

at the last moment I added the trim. LOL My Hubby says I can't stop once I start
No white space for me!! LOL

Hey! Thanks for looking..


  1. Absolutely beautiful work, Robyn!!

  2. I love it. I have purchased all of the necessities but have not worked on any yet. My first Oriental 4x4 was a canvas using wax my friend Kathy Cora was teaching me how to use wax. When I finished emellishing it, I came home to find it downstairs on a dog mat all chewed up by one of my foster pups! Anyway, you gesso it prior to starting? I didnt know that. I love your style!


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