Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Hiding Place

I named one of my newest piece "My Hiding Place" because so many times when life is at it's hardest I like to just Fantasize a beautiful place to be.. Anywhere then where I'm at going through so many changes.. I will sit or lay in my bed and just go to this Fantasy place for awhile and then life seems better once I've gone their. 

This is one of my places. Under the sea with all the beautiful colors and the tranquility of the water rushing over me. It's like have you ever been in the bath tub and went all the way under the water. It's so peaceful and tranquil.. Just for a few moments you have such peace and quiet even in your own head. LOL

This piece is done on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper and is all Watercolor.. Oh yeah with a tad bit of Glitter paint on her tail that you can't see. LOL

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week ... If you want to see some fantastic Artwork head on over there.

For those of you that have said some prayers and well wishes for me having all my teeth pulled. Thank you so much... The swelling has gone down now and I have a few bruises on my face left. My gums hurt like hell still.. I have to wait five more weeks to get the dentures. I tell ya I'm craving Taco's.. Something crunchy!! LOL  I am losing some weight though so that's on the plus side...

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  1. I'd never have thought these were watercolours, they are so vibrant and strong! Wonderful painting! Sorry to hear about your teeth, sounds like a bit of a nightmare ....

    1. : ) Yes, the colors look like what most people expect from acrylics... Watercolor can be so deep and vivid. It's now my favourite medium for achieving super-bright color!

  2. Beautiful painting! I love the depth of the color. Watercolors can give you so much whether it be a transparent wash or really deep colors. Sorry you're having to deal with everything with your teeth. I have dentures on top and I did it the wrong way and had them make up the mold before they pulled the teeth, big mistake as once the swelling went down they were way to large and I had to endure using the 'glue' to keep them in. They eventually cracked due to improper fit and I had to get a second one made up. Very costly but in the end they fit wonderfully, I can even eat corn on the cob! And, no one is the wiser, when I do tell a rare handful of people I have dentures on top they are amazed.

  3. Gorgeous painting Robyn... the colours are amazing and I adore her soulful eyes :-)
    Glad your mouth is healing a little. I have my prayer mat out for you and am pushing those healing vibes your way :-D
    IKE x

  4. Robyn, I love the red-haired beauty. Your art is amazing. Good luck on the new teeth. It's wise to wait till your mouth settles down to get refitted.

  5. She is beautiful, so soulful!

  6. Loving your fab artwork.Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. I love your rich and deep colours... so full of energy with the pops of orange against the blue... sorry I am late getting here for PPF but figuring I am just extending the fun... well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it ...xx

  8. Very pensive expression, beautiful face and hair...such vibrant colors...Gorgeous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. You are amazing with water color. Beautiful!!! Her face is amazing. Great piece of art.

  10. I love your idea of lying on your bed and imagining a beautiful place. You've made a beautiful painting! I hope you're feeling much better. :) xx

  11. This is a beautiful piece Robyn! The colors are amazing. Her facial features are superb!

    Is your head big enough yet? LOL

    I LOVE IT!


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