Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some more Paint Shop Pro Siggy Tags

I've joined some Paint Shop Pro Forums again and am getting into doing some siggy tags..
years ago I had my own msn group with over 100 members but that was a very long time ago.. now with the shop and all the sites I kind of got away from it.. I'm getting back into it and even thinking of writing my own tutorials.. well thinking of it anyways because I find it hard sometimes to remember what I've done. lol I wrote some along time ago but never got heavy into it. well anywho's heres the most recent tags I've done..

I just finished this one.. for some reason the animation doesn't show on blogger.. but her wings sparkle..

Here is another I did last night for a scrap kit challenge..

and this was for a tutorial challenge

Thanks for looking.. maybe if we get some people interested I'll add some challenges for psp into the forum. what do you think? anyone into psping? let me know.

Hugs all

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  1. I used to design for a few groups through Yahoo and AOL..had a few of my own groups as well. I love PSP but like you, I got burnt out on it and then with this new found hobby, I got away from it, but I dab in it from time to time. Nothing like I used to though..but awesome tags!!


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