Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Siggy Tags I've done

I am so upset that you guys can not see some of the beautiful animations.. I don't know why blogger doesn't treat a .gif file as an animation.. I have lots of snow and glowing going on on some of these tags.. booooo on blogger.. lol

Here are a few tags I've done over the weekend

on this one the flames moves and so does some mist in the lamp post holder thingy. lol

on this one there is snow falling all around her..

on this one all the little guys are spinning around..

and on this one there was snow falling all over.....

Thats a few of what I've made this weekend.. Don't forget our new Releases for the shop are coming up real soon and there are some real cuties in there... Watch for our Wacky Wednesday Freebie and of course our challenges will be waiting for you to do next Saturday!!

Have fun creating...

Big Hugs

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