Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I??

I'm perplexed. well that's probably not the right word... more in a state of shock that I might be teaching a class on Whimsy Portraits at a local craft store here in Indianapolis. I say I might because I might chicken out at any second! LMAO!! My friend Cindy made the suggestion the other day when we had taken a little trip over to this store. On the way home Cindy said "why don't you teach your gals" and I right away thought No I can't do that!! but when I got home I started to think more about it and the idea sounded good to me. I think I might of had a crazy moment thinking I could teach!! or can I?

I created this peace with teaching it in mind. While I created this gal I went through exactly how I would talk and teach some gals how to create a portrait. It didn't seem as hard as I was thinking. In fact it felt like fun!!

so anywho I called Cindy and she is suppose to get in contact with the owner. In the mean time I'm going to prepare a little word document on what I would offer for the class and what my students would need. I'm going to present this to the gal that owns the shop to give her a better idea of the class.

So what do you all think? Can I do it? Or will I fall flat on my face!! LOL That Ugly Monster came out that is inside me that says "Your not good enough!! Why do you even think you can teach a class"!! I have been learning how to quiet this monster but it sure yells loud inside my head!! LOL

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