Saturday, August 18, 2012

Layers and More Layers

I love doing Layers and Layers of paint, ink and stamping. There is something about each layer that pleases me and then I start on another and I get tickled all over again! LOL  I know I'm weird.. LMAO

On this Journal Spread I made my own stamps using Cut N Dry foam. You can use Fun Foam you buy at the dollar store to do this too.. First you heat the backside of the foam and then make an impression with whatever you want to use. In my case I put a bunch of caps off of some small empty plastic paint cups together and pushed into the foam. I also used some dried out clay embellishments I had lying on my desk I had never used. You can use paper clips, even bubble wrap will do.. and if you want to undo what you have impressed you just heat it up again. Voila!!

Here is a picture before I started layering

I just went to town with Layer after Layer. I used Modeling paste on the Heart, mixing together all the paint I had on my palette. LOL It made like a brownish pink..

I also took some corrugated cardboard and added some gesso on the grooves and stamped with that.

It's sooo much fun to use stuff! Stuff you just have in the house lying around..

and this is the final Spread..

The last layer I did was to take some ink spray it on the top, spray some water and let it drip down

It dripped into the heart and my saying as if I had planned it that way!!

Oh wait maybe I did! yeah right LOL

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by.

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