Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let Go!

I work so hard to blend and shade my Portraits.. But because of my lousy camera I can never see it in my photos.. sooooo on this piece I said to myself. "Self, either we are going to ruin this or have the shading finally show up!! " LMAO!  so I went to town Blending and Shading this piece.. Finally I have a good picture and I didn't ruin it!! so why am I telling you this??? well duh it's because I let go that I finally had a piece that I even liked!! 

So the moral to my story is "Let Go" when your creating... it's just a piece of paper.. you can always do it again, fix it or as I have done many times Throw it out!! but when you do "Let Go" you just might get some 
Complete Satisfaction..

LOL boy am I Profound today!! 

This Piece was done on Mixed Media Paper using Acrylics and Neo Color II Watercolor Crayons

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by and listening to me


  1. She's beautiful!! LOVE that pink hair. Bravo, xo

  2. She is stunning. I know exactly what you mean about letting go. Blessings!


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