Saturday, August 11, 2012

A CC Gal

I created another Cotton Candy Gal last night.. She was soooo much fun to do. First I took a book cover and slopped a lot of Gesso on it and then went to town doing the background. I drew her on a piece of paper and worked on her while my background was drying. I was wondering if anyone knows what to seal this painting with. Do you gals use Varnish on your pieces or maybe matt medium? If anyone knows can you give me a shout..

Natasha May is the originator of the Cotton Candy Gals

I had taken her Workshop a few months back and it was extremely good.

I learned a lot about shading and blending. which of coarse you can't see here because of my Lousy Camera I'm always whining about. LOL

I'm joining Paint Party Friday this week.

Going to hop over their to see all the Fabulous Work that has been created this week.

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Robyninski the 932nd!


  1. Yay for Cotton Candy Girls!
    Yours is wonderful!
    Especially love her hair, eye, and wonderful background!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Your gal is fabulous! Wonderful work. Happy PPF

  3. fun background and fun cotton candy gal too. Love these BRIGHT colors, which make it pop. don't "finish" my art with anything so no help there, sorry. HPPF!

  4. I've been following Natasha's work for years and your girl looks very much like them. She's lovely.

  5. love your cotton candy girl. she looks very sultry with her pouty lips and her hair over her eye!

  6. She is so rich in color and sweetness!! Good job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. She's so much fun! Love how you have her popping off the background layers- really brings the eyes to her!

  8. Lovely girl. I like that little bit of hair over her shoulder. I always seal my paintings with matte varnish, and if it's in my journal and I want to seal it for some reason I use matte medium.

  9. Your Cotton Candy girl is adorable! I can see how making Natasha's girl can be addicting. :)
    I usually spray my canvases with a matte spray varnish. But I don't use anything in my journals typically. I wonder if I should seal those too!? Have a happy rest of the week.

  10. Love her! These are my fave colors. :) I seal my paintings with acrylic varnish spray. I guess matte medium would do the trick as well but I sometimes find that it's sticky.


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