Sunday, February 5, 2012

My New Piece

Wow did this Piece I created take me a long time to do.. I started I think on Friday Morning and just got it done in the wee hours last night.. A few times I was going to can it right into the garbage can.. Especially when the hair came out with streaks of white that stuck out like a sore thumb!! but then I got the idea of putting a wash of red over her hair and I think I saved it..

This gal is so ugly she's pretty.. LOL  The inspiration for this piece is from the artist Gustov Klimt.

I used Modeling Paste on the background and put a layer of Gold Acrylics over it. I sure do love Modeling Paste for Texture.. Love love it!! LOL

Cutting out all the little pieces of paper was kind of tedious but I got into it.. You should have seen my hands when I was done with all the gluing.. OMG I was covered in it!! and how fun to pull the stuff off my hands when it dried. another LOL.. This lousy picture done with my lousy camera doesn't show the glimmering gold  nor all the doodling I did on her dress. I have a scanner I might hook up but this piece was done on Hot Press Poster board and it's quite large. Wouldn't fit into a scanner.

I anyone is following my blog and wants to know about the Lawyer situation it's still terrible. We don't have one and the time is ticking down. We spend like 2 hours the other day at Legal Aid just for them to tell us they can't help us. Why because they said my hubby was there before in 2000.. He has never stepped foot into the office. But his last name of Samples is very common.. He even has a cousin name of John Samples the same age. I don't even know why if you have been there before they can't help you on another case.. It's crazy!! as we sat and waited the caliber of people looking for help was quite different. We had one kid sitting across from us telling stories and every other word out of his mouth was the F word. I swear it was so low class I felt dirty when I finally left there. 

anywho we are going Friday to see another attorney.. If he won't help us I don't know what we are going to do. We can't go by ourselves or we will lose for sure. It's in a little town where everyone knows everyone and we are not in the "In Crowd" The gal we are suing is. 

I have been so stressed over this I can hardly think straight let alone create art. Please pray for us that we get an attorney and this woman doesn't get away with Murder. Literally!! She killed my beloved Cat Missy. I had Missy for 13 years. She was like a child to me. 

Well now that I have gone on and on..

Thanks for Stopping by..

Robyninski the 926th.. LOL

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  1. I love your girl! And a great take on Klimt's art, but making it your own. I love the colors!


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