Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back in the groove

I think I'm back in the groove since my Surgery.. I'm feeling much better. Just a little uncomfortable in the tummy when I have my tight Jeans on. LOL

I finished this She Art Gal this morning and my Cat's Eye's Whimsy Portrait yesterday.. and another Portrait called "Adversity" this week.. It felt good to get all messy again and have paint under da finger nails. LOL

I used Iridescent Water Color Paint on the gals eyes. I just bought this paint for like $6.00 . They come in pan's and you get 21 little pans. what a Gonga I think!! 

This gal came about because I'm going through a lot once again.

Our Lawsuit against this woman who stole our money and made us move from this house we had 
just moved into isn't going so well. It's a red neck town where the Court is. Everyone knows everyone else and palms are greased. If you know what I mean. Well our Attorney is no longer our attorney and no one wants to take the case. This means if we don't find another attorney the gal can get away with murder. Murder I say because she killed my beloved cat Missy.. ohhh just thinking about this all drives me crazy and traumatizes me all over again..

anywho when I was creating the below portrait I was trying to give myself some courage. It worked for a little bit. LOL

Thanks for stopping by today..

Robyninski the 973rd.. LOL


  1. I love your art! I wish I could draw or paint faces or anything else for that matter. i think that's why I started stamping cuz I had no talent on my own, so this journalling thing is really daunting to me. Love yours. Wish I lived close enough to come over for a lesson or two.

  2. wish you could too. we could have fun!!

  3. praying for ya !! that things will all work out ok. Your artwork is AMAZING !!!!

  4. Sorry to hear things aren't going well. I do hope you are able to find another lawyer and get justice for your case.


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