Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still Recuperating

I'm still recuperating from the Gall Bladder Surgery. I tell ya this has been no picnic in the park. I'm starting to feel a little better but my Mojo has upped a left and went to Tahiti I think!! LOL   I sit in my Studio , look at all my supplies and say to myself " Now What"! I did try to do one of my Whimsy Portraits and spilled paint and ink all over it. That one went into the garbage for sure! Even Gesso couldn't save it. So what's a gal to do.. I say Art Journaling is the answer. I grabbed my  Journal and gave it a go. Got all done and then stamped my sentiment and woops It was all crooked!! Great ending to a fun Journal Spread.. NOT!!

This Spread needs more. I just am so uninspired right now.. I will come back to it when I'm feeling better I guess.. Most of the pain from the Surgery is gone. I am very uncomfortable in my Tummy. My appetite is practically nill and I'm still sleeping a lot. Thanks everyone for their warm wishes.. I received a few Get Well Cards and that lifted my spirits.. I wonder if it's unusual to get the blues like I have after a Major Surgery.. You gals let me know huh.. I have the blues bad.... Trying to snap out of it..

I do have a Whimsical Drawing in the works but I'm taking it slow. In fact everything I'm doing lately is so slow. I have that A type personality and this being down is not to my liking at all!! Okay I'll stop whining now..

Hey !! Thanks for stopping by..

Robyninski the 946th!! LOL


  1. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering. I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and it does take time to recover. I think that anaesthetic affects people in different ways and takes time to go from your system. Just do a little a day and you will gradually build up your strength again and be back to normal.

    I love your journal spread, it is bright and uplifting. Love orange and blue together.

  2. Major surgery is so hard, it takes a long time to recoup. I know from experience. I think your page is fab. Orange is a favorite of mine too with blue, creativity abounds. One day at a time. xox Corrine

  3. Robyn, glad your surgery is over and hope your tummy discomfort will soon disappear! I love your orange and blue, this is such a happy design and brings a smile to my face. I am sure your blues will disappear and your Mojo might still be a little tired!

  4. Take your time. Illness is no good thing for inspiration, I think... Ideas will start to flow again soon!! :)

  5. I hope you feel better soon ... major surgery does take a while to get over ... give your body time. Let your muse just take a break (more than likely ideas are brewing and you don't know it!)

  6. Hello Robby... I love what you did, fabulous!
    Get Well soon!

  7. Hi Robyn, hope you'll feel stronger soon! I was hospitalized too for 4 days (deep vein thrombosis!) and I didn't feel like going to my craft room for a while, but I never missed a day of my journal! Now I've been able to make some backgrounds for some canvases. Slow but sure! I like your journal page! God bless you! :^) patsy


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