Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Angel

I've been busy with Christmas and the shop but I had to do another painting for Christmas. I came up with this Christmas Angel after taking a Workshop from Suzi Blu.. She is such a wonderful mixed media Artist. I love her work.. Her classes are very good. Her style is different from Tamara who is my Mentor and my first Mixed Media Teacher. I like learning different styles and then applying it to my own style. I worked and worked on this and finally accomplished hands!! They look a little warped but hey it's my first time doing hands like that.. wooohoo !! at least they do look like hands and not claws this time. LOL

I used Molding Paste for her Wings. 
Over the Molding Paste I added  Gold Mica Flakes..

In real life it looks so cool but you can't really tell with 

my Lousy Camera. 

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday..

I Hope Santa is good to you!!

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