Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art Journaling into the New Year

I just started a New Journal.. Well I have about 5 going. All different sizes, textures of papers and brands.. LOL I got from one to the other doing my Art Journaling. This new book is going to be mostly pictures of me, my hubby and our Fur Babies. So I decided to start it off with a Christmas Spread and go into the New Year. The faces are very blurry on this . I think it was because on my Lousy Camera the flash went off and blurred them.. boooo on my camera once again!! LOL

I used Acrylics on this spread. On the Stencils work I used Pan Pastels. I need to get me more of these. I love love them!!

Does anyone know why in Blogger I can't see where I do my links or my pictures are coming out in Code.. where is my toolbar.. what's happened??? anyone know how I can get this back.. My blogger has gone wacky!! LOL

Hey !! thanks for looking. I can't even center my page.. someone paleese help!

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