Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LiL Sis

Lil Sis is the title of my new Gal.. It justs reminds me of my lil sister... She's not so little anymore. LOL  My hubby bought us a wonderful gift this Christmas.. It's a Heart broke in half.. One Half says "Big Sis" and the other " Lil Sis" .. I have one half and so does she. I thought that was so nice of him to think of us like that.. I guess he's a keeper... well sometimes! LOL

Mediums used are watercolor crayons, gesso instead of water sometimes, pan pastels, regular pastels

I'm still in 29 faces.. so far so good. LOL




  1. She is so sweet - and I love the bird too!

  2. She is so cute and love the bird on her shoulder. Annette x


  3. So pretty! I love the loose wavy hair and the little bird. :)


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